Contemporary Abstract Paintings

Original paintings offered internationally through Saatchi Art and Artfinder.


Original Contemporary and Abstract Paintings

Welcome to the fine art gallery of contemporary artist Deb Breton. When you buy an original painting here, you are getting the passion, the sweat and the spark of creation come to life on canvas. You are collecting art from an artist who is passionate about expressing emotions in her work. Each piece is imbued with emotion, life and intention. Deb is a rising artist who is becoming known for her emotionally charged abstract art.

The art that you have in your home or office can tell a lot about you. Art adds color, it adds emotion and it can set the tone for any interior room, home, or office. Quite simply, the paintings you hang on your walls, are a reflection of YOU! So whether it’s a small painting for a foyer, hall or alcove – or a large painting that fills the entire wall of a room and makes a bold statement; art is as original and unique as you are. And if my art resonates with you, I’m glad we have made a connection.

Canvas, Metal and Paper Art Prints

I believe everyone should be able to enjoy and collect affordable art. You can now own some of these paintings on beautiful archival quality glossy stretched canvas in any size to fit nearly any home or corporate installation. These museum quality giclee prints look gorgeous and are available on paper, canvas and metal. You can order any contemporary or abstract art print in different sizes to fit the exact wall space you have in mind! Even a small print in a frame that you can enjoy at work. There are many options available, please see the available art prints here.

The Painting Process

Many times I will film or document the painting I’m working on. Short video snippets showing the painting in quick time or sped up, is often available on my blog. Sometimes full length, ‘real time’ videos are available when you collect my art. If you’re interested, please let me know!

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