Stolen artwork

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  Has anyone ever stolen your artwork? This past weekend I received a very nice email from someone wanting to use my artwork for their conference. It included the link to the artwork – Pink Birds on a Wire, one … Continued

Peacock painting in the Society 6 Shop

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Peacock painting included in the Society 6 shop.     Received this email this morning: Hello Deb, Congrats! We’re excited to let you know that your Print “Peacock” has been selected to be included in the Society6 Shop. Click here … Continued


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windswept adjective wind·swept \ˈwin(d)-ˌswept\ 1. (of a place) exposed to strong winds. synonyms: exposed, bleak, bare, desolate   Windswept – a heavily textured abstract painting with earth colors of yellow, tan, brown, and sky colors of turquoise & blue. Prints … Continued

Feeling better!

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Finally feeling better and well enough to be in the studio.   Yes, I’m feeling soooo much better – For days I would walk past the studio, peek in and  just not have the energy to do anything. Eventually though … Continued