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Deb Breton paints humorous takes on wine country landscapes and icons. From wine snobs to red wine rivers to colorful abstracts, Breton captures the intense fun of living in Sonoma County.




Meet the Artist

Hi and welcome, I’m a visual mixed media artist living and painting in beautiful Sonoma County California!

My paintings are a window into how I see the world around me. When life gets a little crazy, I use art to diffuse the negativity and bring humor and levity into my paintings. My love of color just punctuates this.

Being born in the sign of Gemini has its challenges. I try to stay grounded by balancing my perfectionist side, with my more unencumbered, wild side. Which is probably why I enjoy the loose, organic nature of abstract painting when I’m not working on the somewhat more focused aspect of my impressionistic pop-art work?

Dreaming up ideas and then making them come to life on canvas is intoxicating work! Yet it is this intoxicating passion that drives me into the studio painting nearly everyday! Creating has ALWAYS been my driving force in life. And though it sounds cliché; it is what I was born to do.



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