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Deb Breton paints humorous takes on wine country landscapes and icons. From red wine rivers to colorful abstracts, Breton captures the intense fun of living in Sonoma County.



Meet the Artist

If you love color, then I’m glad you’re here!

Life is a celebration of color, isn’t it? I tend to think so. My paintings are a window into how I see the world, infused with color.

Someone, at one time long ago, said that too much chroma (saturation) is against the rules. Thankfully, plenty of us believe that rules are made to be broken! Look around, we’re all different!  So let’s celebrate this wonderful life with colorful artists and intriguing friends who don’t paint, think, act, sing or write like the ‘norm’. Afterall, progress depends on those of us who think outside the box, because together we EVOLve.

So, like a jazz musician that tickles ivories, I like to tickle retinas with juicy, yummy colors that say “hello world, I’m happy to be here”! Every line, brushstroke, droplet and scrape of paint is made with a deliberate hand guided by an intentional spirit.

My goal is to make your world a little brighter, one painting at a time!

Thank you for your interest in my work.





love spelled out in gessoBiography

Deb Breton is a mixed media artist living in beautiful Sonoma County, California.

Early Years…

She was born with a congenital lung ailment that kept her isolated in gloomy hospitals more than at home. From Walter Reed hospital in D.C. to Landstuhl hospital in Germany, she grew up with a lot of ‘alone’ time. While most kids were out playing, Breton would be in her hospital bed, content with sketch pads and pencils. Her mom made sure they were always there for her. And because her dad was in the armed forces, they moved around a lot. Experiencing other countries and cultures had an undeniable, lifelong impact on her.

After graduation, Breton spent the next 20+ years in the design & art industry – working with such clients as Warner Brothers Studios, Nestle and the Dali Museum. As more & more “art” work was being done on computers, she longed to create with her hands.

A Second Career

So, with her need to create something from nothing, she began woodturning. There was just something so satisfying about taking a log and turning it into something beautiful. It wasn’t long before her hobby, or you could call it obsession, became her full-time profession as a self-employed artist. Her painted and carved wood art pieces are in corporate & private collections throughout the world in 7 countries and in print.

In 2010, Breton stepped away from woodturning so that she could care for her mom who was living with her under hospice care. Since it was no longer practical for her to be in the wood shop, she set up an easel in the room next to her mom’s room and began painting again. She soon found painting was not only a quiet comfort, but also an explosive release; a kind of therapy that allowed her to say what she felt with a medium that was wholly expressive. She credits watching the journey of her mom’s end of life, for leading her in a new direction in her own life.

And finally – full circle

These days Breton devotes all her time to fine art. In a sense she has come full circle. She’s no longer in the noisy, dusty woodshop with sharp tools. Nowadays, you’ll find her sketching and painting and dancing in her art studio. She loves to create organic abstracts filled with color and life. And if she isn’t painting that, she is most likely is working on one of her humorous takes on wine country living, its landscapes and nearby  wineries.

From wine snobs, to red wine rivers, to abstracts, Deb Breton captures the intense fun of living in wine country. Her zest for life is evident in her work and her passion for creating finds her painting in the studio nearly every single day!



"Tree of Life" Deb Breton
“Tree of Life” – Deb Breton
Great Blue Heron - Deb Breton
“Great Blue Heron” – Deb Breton
Ziggy ala janis joplinFL
Ziggy Dog – channeling Janis Joplin.

Deb Breton was a woodturning artist for many years turning, carving and painting wood. See more at