SYNAPSE abstract painting

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  Synapse – latest abstract painting     From Ancient Greek σύναψις ‎(súnapsis, “conjunction”), from συνάπτω ‎(sunáptō, “to clasp”). synapse noun syn·apse \ˈsi-ˌnaps, sə-ˈnaps\ Popularity: Bottom 50% of words Simple Definition of synapse biology : the place where a signal … Continued

The ARTS, sales and celebrating the artist

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Anyone else notice more sales happening? It’s been a good week for my print sales. Has anyone noticed an uptick of their sales lately? Could it be because the economy is thriving, or is it because people are overwhelmed with … Continued

Watercolor dog painting

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Watercolor painting of my friends dog As some of you know, we moved here to beautiful Sonoma County California from the east coast. We didn’t know a soul here, but fell in love with the area. One of the first … Continued


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Painting with subtlety     Sometimes subtlety is good A quiet morning walk on the beach Watching colors come to life as the sun begins to light up a new day.   Small Painting: Quiet Cove by Deb Breton. Acrylic … Continued

Stolen artwork

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  Has anyone ever stolen your artwork? This past weekend I received a very nice email from someone wanting to use my artwork for their conference. It included the link to the artwork – Pink Birds on a Wire, one … Continued

Peacock painting in the Society 6 Shop

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Peacock painting included in the Society 6 shop   Okay – so I’m going to toot my horn here a bit, but I thought this was cool, so I’ll just quickly share.     Received this email this morning: Hello … Continued


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windswept adjective wind·swept \ˈwin(d)-ˌswept\ 1. (of a place) exposed to strong winds. synonyms: exposed, bleak, bare, desolate   Windswept – a heavily textured abstract painting with earth colors of yellow, tan, brown, and sky colors of turquoise & blue. Prints … Continued

Feeling better!

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Finally feeling better and well enough to be in the studio.   Yes, I’m feeling soooo much better – For days I would walk past the studio, peek in and  just not have the energy to do anything. Eventually though … Continued


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Still working on the healing process… So, I’m sorry if you are expecting this to be about art, it’s not. It’s a quick post about nutrition, health and healing. If this bores you – no worries, I will be back … Continued

Prince, Herxheimer and general malaise

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Were you affected by the passing of Prince? I was, and continue to be. Hello beautiful people. Many of us grew up dancing and partying like it was 1999. There are so many of his songs that hold great memories … Continued

Sold – Print enjoying a new home

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  Sold – So happy to know that this print will be enjoying a new home. “Grateful – An Attitude Of Gratitude” acrylic painting by Deb Breton The original painting was an 8 x 10 and is gone, but by … Continued

Another happy art collector!

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I love what I do I get to create art almost every single day, some days it’s the best job in the world. Like today, I recently sold another original painting and the best part wasn’t actually the ‘selling’ part … Continued

Sailor’s Delight painting and video

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Sailor’s Delight? We’ve all heard the saying: Red sky at night, sailor’s delight Red sky at morning, sailors take warning Look at this sky – I would say it’s a Sailor’s Delight     Maybe it’s all the rain lately… … Continued

Newest painting video for April

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Here’s the latest painting I’m leaning towards calling it Tsunami – but what do you think? When you see this, what comes to mind? In the video I explain that my partner thinks I paint abstracts because I’m kind of … Continued

Primordial Soup – Painting

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New artwork PRIMORDIAL SOUP cubism painting Primordial Soup – Abstract Cubism Wall Art Painting by Deb Breton       “Primordial soup” is a term introduced by the Soviet biologist Alexander Oparin. In 1924, he proposed a theory of the … Continued

Spring Equinox – Abstract Painting Video

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Spring Equinox – Abstract Painting by Deb Breton Spring Equinox just occurred here in the Northern Hemisphere, marking the first day of spring when the sun crosses the celestial equator going from south to north. A time that heralds in … Continued

Stargazing abstract painting with short video

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Stargazing – the Northern Lights   At the center of our solar system lies the sun, the yellow star that sustains life on our planet. The sun’s many magnetic fields distort and twist as our parent star rotates on its … Continued

Which orientation do you like best?

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Which orientation do you like best? I had a good time with this one! It started as a simple drawing on a painted canvas and this was the result. Cubism. The question is, which way or which orientation do you … Continued

Melting Glaciers – New Painting

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Last week’s painting Here’s one of last weeks paintings I finished, it’s titled – Melting Glaciers   Most times I love painting with thick paints and heavy gel mediums. By using these thick heavy body paints together with heavy gel … Continued

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