Relax… You’re 100% Guaranteed

As an art collector or first-time buyer you might still be apprehensive about buying art online. I understand, and that’s why I urge you to ask questions or share your concerns before making a purchase. If you want to see a particular piece in more detail, just contact me and I’ll send you larger images. Getting new artwork and bringing it into your home, or business, is an exciting process and it needs to look PERFECT on your walls! Which is why I offer a 7 day return policy for all artwork. I want you to be absolutely 100% thrilled with your new original painting! So feel free to find something that rocks your world and really speaks to you!


Certificate of Authenticity

I sign EVERY painting on the back (verso) and occasionally the front too. Your painting is accompanied by a signed (and numbered, if applies) certificate of authenticity and a provenance document. The provenance document lists every detail of the painting, it includes a photo of the work and serves as a signed receipt as well.

Quality & Care

When you collect my art, you are getting a high quality art piece that starts and ends with professional artist quality paints, materials and mediums. Several coats of non-yellowing archival varnish on every canvas painting guards against dust and UV damage while protecting your investment. I spray every watercolor and yupo painting with a coating of fixative sealer to protect it too.

Any painting is susceptible to harmful UltraViolet rays of the sun, so be sure to keep your painting out of the direct sunlight. Ideally, you will want to use a UV glass when you frame your painting done on paper to protect it against fading (many frames come with UV glass). And finally, if you have collected any of my art prints at art shows, galleries, or online, you have an archival quality print in your hands and it will not fade or turn colors as long as it’s not exposed to direct sunlight. I’ve been a professional artist since 2005 and have a solid reputation for standing behind everything I create.




Every painting that ships from the art studio is insured, even though I’m really anal about how it’s packaged! If your painting is created on paper or yupo paper, it will be slipped in between 2 acid free sheets of papers and then inserted into a cello/poly bag then placed into a rigid mailer and sent via insured USPS. I like to wrap every canvas painting in glassine and then place it either ‘box in box’ or between securely fastened sheets of cardboard or foam-core. Finally, then it will be bubble wrapped and placed into its sturdy shipping box and then sent either FEDEX or USPS insured. You’ll get an email confirmation with the tracking number once your painting is on its way to you.

Now, if you have a corporate account, or if you wish to use your own carrier account, no problem, contact me and we’ll arrange it! I only charge a nominal fee to cover the packaging materials and that’s it!

We’ve been shipping successfully over the past 10+ years and have a good track record, but, if a package were to arrive with obvious damage, just refuse it and then contact me.

Generally I like to box and ship for the next business day, however things do come up, so please allow 48 hours for your artwork to be shipped. We will send you the tracking number and a shipment confirmation once your carefully wrapped painting is on its way to you!


International Duties and Customs

Canadian collectors can now buy my original paintings here on the website! Yay! And while there is no duty tax on original paintings, you are responsible for the GST that may be incurred. For all other international sales, please contact me for a shipping quote. Again you are responsible for all duties and taxes on international sales. Please visit



I’ve not had one yet, but they say there’s always a first time! So, in the case of a return, you are responsible for the insured return shipping with tracking. Just contact me and we’ll work out the details. You’ll have 10 days to return the painting, so please conserve and feel free to re-use the original shipping materials! Your refund will be sent once the studio receives the artwork in the same condition it left. Always save the original packaging until you’re satisfied that the piece will work for your space!

Privacy Policy

And finally, this studio respects the privacy of its collectors, we do not share, or sell any personal information. The only exception is when we share your mailing information with our shipping carrier so they can deliver your art.

Did I Miss Something?

Hope I’ve covered all the bases here and that any questions you had, have been answered. But if not, please contact me because maybe it’s a question someone else has too and I can add it here. Thank you so much.