More Wine Mixed Media

Sometimes you just have to let go…  More Wine! mixed media painting

More wine framed original painting by artist Sonoma County artistDeb Breton
More Wine! by California artist Deb Breton Mixed Media on textured board. Framed Measurements are 21″ x 15″ x 1″


more wine orignal painting detail
Close-up of textures


more wine original painting up close
Detail of rough surface and scratched layers



Started with a sealed board, then gessoed several layers. Next applied texture compound and gels. Skipped the sanding because I wanted a uber rough surface.There’s many layers of ink, acrylic, and oil paint built up along with print media (  Valdubon wine from Spain ) and colored yupo strips. Some patterns in here too, but the camera is not capturing them so well.

Maybe it’s the many years of drawing and staying between the lines while doing exact work, that makes it difficult to let yourself go. But sometimes you just need to step away from everything you’ve been taught and just go with the flow. It probably comes easy but to someone anal it’s hard to get out of your own way…

So here’s to breaking the rules! More Wine!





More Wine! Mixed Media Wall Art – Available Here




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2 Responses

  1. enicely

    Deb, your work so innovative and creative! Do you have a plan when you begin or does your painting develop as you work?

    • Deb B

      Hi Elise, sometimes I DO have a plan, but try to be loose and just let things happen. Many times I’ll have an idea and it turns out completely different midway – roll with it!

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