I Can Do This!

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I Can Do This! Here’s another painting that is very similar in style to “Nothing’s Gonna Change My World“ Except I chose another color palette/combination. I call this one  “I Can Do This!“   I sometimes listen to music when … Continued


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The art of rejection and the rejection of art Perhaps they are both the same? As an artist rejection can be a harsh thing. After all we use art to express ourselves! So when somebody rejects your work, they are … Continued

Spring Has Sprung

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  Spring Has Sprung   Well, it’s that time of year again where everything is bursting with life, yes indeed, spring has sprung. The hummingbirds buzz about, dive bombing one another to get the goods first. Colorful blooms shoot out … Continued

Art Show Postcard

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Just got the new postcard, what do you think? I’m so pleased with the way these postcards from Vistaprint came out. There are a few online places for printing that do ‘short run’ prints. But because I had a coupon … Continued

Uncorked and breathing…

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UNCORKED – a solo show The paint brushes are dripping wet and the paint is flying! All in preparation for a solo show at the Hopscotch Gallery in Glen Ellen, California. My UNCORKED show kicks off on October 16th 2016 … Continued

Paint Brushes

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Never underestimate Paint Brushes So I have a new series in the works – it’s a bit of a departure from my norm of abstract.  I truly love the organic nature of creating abstract art. At the same time, I … Continued

SYNAPSE abstract painting

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  Synapse – latest abstract painting     From Ancient Greek σύναψις ‎(súnapsis, “conjunction”), from συνάπτω ‎(sunáptō, “to clasp”). synapse noun syn·apse \ˈsi-ˌnaps, sə-ˈnaps\ Popularity: Bottom 50% of words Simple Definition of synapse biology : the place where a signal … Continued

The ARTS, sales and celebrating the artist

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Anyone else notice more sales happening? It’s been a good week for my print sales. Has anyone noticed an uptick of their sales lately? Could it be because the economy is thriving, or is it because people are overwhelmed with … Continued

Art Supplies

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New art supplies So last night I was laying in bed after watching a video of abstract artist Doreen McNeill, it was part of Graeme Stevenson’s ‘Colour in Your Life’ video series.  Which if you’re into seeing different artists and … Continued

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