Color charts

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Working on color charts tonight! Just working on a color chart this evening. It never occurred to me just how yummy manganese blue is, such a rich color – I definitely need to use it more often! Hope everyone is … Continued

Peacock Watercolor Painting

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SOLD Peacock watercolor painting   The idea for today’s peacock watercolor painting came to me while reminiscing about an almost magical place called “City of 10,000 Buddhas”. As I mentioned in my previous post, meditation has become part of my … Continued

Birds on a Wire – Pink Colors

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Whimsical bird painting in multi colored silhouette’s on a wire, with one bird upside down! Each bird is splashed, splattered and painted with love in colorful bold and cheery pink, violet – purple and yellow. Original Watercolor.  Size: 12 x … Continued