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adjective wind·swept \ˈwin(d)-ˌswept\
1. (of a place) exposed to strong winds.
synonyms:exposed, bleak, bare, desolate
abstract painting with blue turqouise and earth tones by artist deb breton
Windswept – Earth colors of yellow, tan, brown, and sky colors of turquoise, blue. Acrylic and texture gel on panel. Measures 7.5H x 9.5W by Deb Breton


Windswept – a heavily textured abstract painting with earth colors of yellow, tan, brown, and sky colors of turquoise & blue.

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16 Responses

    • Deb B

      Thanks Susan that’s good to know because I was debating what to call it!

  1. debiriley

    lovely Deb! gorgeous textures and layers!! and those colors, blue and orange/earth yep….. my kind of colors!! + with that pop of cobalt Teal …. yum. a wonderful painting ! cheers, Debi

    • Deb B

      Debi – so nice of you to stop by and give feedback (and it’s good stuff!) on this one – Thank you! I so enjoy your work, so this means a lot!

    • Deb Breton

      Hi Laura! It is 7.5 x 9.5 – weird size – right? Piece of MDF board to try the texture compound with. I think we all inspire each other to pour our heart out with color… 🙂

  2. RMQ

    Wonderful! Colors, texture, sweep–feels like wind to me. You’re such an inspiration, Deb!