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A little about GIMME’ SHELTER – an abstract drip, scrape painting


This is actually part of a painting I did earlier in the year, that was painted in colors of cobalt blue, teal and burnt sienna. View picture below to see the ‘birth’ of Gimme Shelter. I was never really happy with the bottom part of this painting. So, I placed it up on the spare easel and would glance at it often to see what it “needed”. I often do this, it’s just easier to spot the issues from a different perspective. Anyway, I had this sitting there and every time I would walk by, I would ‘see’ or visualize different techniques to enhance it. Kind of similar to holding up a mirror to realism paintings. You know something is off and when you see it in a mirror or upside down, you instantly spot the problem.


detail of the drips in painting
Here’s the beginning of this abstract. Loved the drips, but the bottom needed something.

Gimme Shelter combines different styles of painting.

Am I breaking the rules? Probably. Does it matter? Who knows? Do I care? Not really.

Which brings me to one of my favorite quotes:
The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.George Bernard Shaw

Of course, in my case, I change this to read the unreasonable woman. Some might even call me a nasty woman – nod to 2017 Women’s March here!


Conformity has never been my strong suit

Pfft,  that’s no secret. That doesn’t mean I don’t value someone’s opinion, it just means that I know I can’t please everyone and I ENJOY pushing the envelope and trying new things, how boring would it be if we all painted the same style, same way, same subject?!!!

detailed close-up of abstract painting
closer look at the detail in this abstract painting







Gimme Shelter large wall art by Northern California artist Deb Breton.
Gimme Shelter large wall art by Northern California artist Deb Breton. Colors of blue, teal and brown with spice colors of red & green.


Some might say it’s screwed up…

Some might say it was a lost piece to begin with.

Others say it’s a cool piece…

Art is so subjective, isn’t it?! That’s part of the allure! And painting abstractly leaves open all kinds of interpretation. THAT’S the part I love best. When we can look at an abstract painting and each one of us can take something a little different from it.

If this piece intrigues you and you want it now, collect it here!

Be kind, be cool, smile and love one another!



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