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Getting loose with color and abstract art


So the last week or so I’ve spent time making more color charts, this led to me to playing with colors and abstract art. Trying out new color combinations and themes. The colors combinations came about while meditating…Yes, I meditate


The journey inwards and journals

Now, I don’t meditate nearly enough, but I have stepped up my practice lately. I’m guessing with these trying times, it just makes sense to put aside time to ‘journey’ within. From the journey, comes journaling. The words “journal” and “journey” are derived from the same root, the French word, “jour,” which means “day.”  So my journal practice will function as a record of reflections on my journey though my inner and outer worlds each day. Unlike my writing practice adopted from Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”, my new journal will be of few words and mostly imagery.


I got the idea one day when I was sitting here in my studio looking at the light switch I made last year with alcohol inks.

multi colored light switch


The idea that I could combine colors to evoke a feeling is nothing new. After all it was something I did in marketing and design for the past 20+ years or so.The funny thing is art really is subjective, some folks throw colors together in a haphazardly way and tend to get mud, while others throw colors together and get harmonious results. Some people like mud, some don’t.I prefer harmonious colors, even if they are quite bright at times.


Woodturning and embellishing

I think it comes from years of turning wood and always seeing brown, light brown, tan brown, dark brown – you get the point – a LOT of browns… Heck I started painting the wood so I could get away from all the brown. I have been starved of color for many years, but I feel a shift happening…

painted woodturning
“Tree of Life” Vase with Carved Tree Roots


Small Hollow form Vessel




So like I was saying, there are new colors on the horizon as I journey through my inner and outer worlds. New colors

that maybe won’t be as vivid as they had been in the past, but certainly they will be bright and cheery!





Here’s an example of one of the abstract paintings I’ve done this past week.

Available as a print, or on pillows, or tote bags at my REDBUBBLE store

Abstract Tote Bag
Abstract Art Tote Bag (clicking the image will take you to the store)



Or this design now available at Fine Art America/Pixels


Purple and Tan pillow
Purple and Tan or Butterscotch Pillow Available at Fine Art America


If you are here reading this, thank you for taking the journey with me – let’s discover together – shall we?! Who knows where things will end up, that’s half the fun!



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