Abstract FLIGHT Series of Paintings

Dreams Take Flight

The latest in my “flight” series is a large abstract painting with butterflies, dragonflies and hummingbirds. Love painting this – such a happy uplifting color palette. So much good energy when into painting this, hope it shows.

It has mostly 10 layers throughout and up to 15 layers of glazes in some places. I tried to really give it some depth. And I don’t know why, but it’s always so much better viewing it in person (that’s why a money back guarantee is so vital).

Dreams Take Flight abstract painting from FLIGHT series
Dreams Take Flight 30″ x 30″ by Deb Breton

Lately the process has been to lay down the main colors of the palette, then subtracting what doesn’t work, while keeping what does. Over the course of the painting, things take many different turns – as I work more or less intuitively.

An Uplifting Color Palette

Once you have a strong color palette to work with, all that is necessary is to keep in mind the basics of composition. Admittedly this is hard for me sometimes – always fighting the “need” (self-imposed) to throw down paint and watch the magic appear – and sometimes I just get carried away. This year in 2019, I’m practicing restraint – let’s see how it goes. 😏

Quick painting video of making this large abstract

Hopefully this video gives you a little peek into the process. This year I hope to make more full length videos that might help others create. It’s always a learning process and that longing to outdo your last painting. In many ways it’s like golf, always hoping to make par or birdie! Of course I’m having to learn how to edit videos too, so hopefully that will improve as well.

Dreams Take Flight abstract painting from FLIGHT series
Iridescent Gold throughout
Dreams Take Flight abstract painting from FLIGHT series
Yes, wine glasses – because I live in Sonoma County and am influenced by my surroundings!
Dreams Take Flight abstract painting from FLIGHT series
Always hidden messages… All my portraits have hidden hearts in them too. Hopefully these are picked up at a subconscious level too and help to empower and uplift the viewer.

Smaller painting like this is in the works

This abstract is a large 30″ x 30″ square painting and available here. I’m starting another smaller painting that someone has commissioned me to do – it will be a 12″ x 12″ and along the same lines. Hoping it doesn’t lose it’s impact when smaller – we’ll see!

So many more ideas in this FLIGHT series – so stay tuned.

Keep positive, keep motivated, keep creating!


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  1. mike

    nicely done Deb.

    1. Deb

      Appreciate the good word Mike, thanks!

  2. Otto von Münchow

    I really like the combination of a abstract background being inhabited by recognizable shapes, whether dragonflies or hummingbirds. Another gorgeous painting.

    1. Deb

      If you only knew the iterations it went through Otto, thanks!

  3. Chandra Lynn

    This is so gorgeous! One day, I’ll have enough pennies to buy one of your pieces. This one will be perfect for my dream purple room. I see I have a lot of catch-up to do on your blog. Friday night is coming!

    1. Deb

      Hey Chandra, happy to see you-no worries life gets hectic at times… As for the painting, you just never know. I believe you might be painting one for yourself real soon!

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