Abstract Still Life Flowers

Abstract Still Life Flowers – An Abstract painting

My latest is this abstract still life flowers in a vase by the window. A lesson on giving few details while working on color and composition. There’s a painting beneath it that I wasn’t entirely thrilled with, but loved all the texture already there. Like so many paintings, there are ALWAYS a few favorite parts where the colors just sing off the canvas. This was one of them! So I kept the parts I loved and did some negative shape painting – keeping only the good stuff.

Obviously this is really loose and was a challenge to give just enough detail while letting the viewer put in the rest. I think there’s a saying “keep what you want and leave the rest” or something like that… Well that’s what is done here.

Finally back in the studio FULL TIME after a long summer of business and marketing classes and hanging a local show. PLUS I started offering classes locally in my studio and all of this has me pretty busy. I love what I’m doing, just a little tired at times, but it’s better than the alternative!

Been feeling VERY inspired lately, I have a lot of ideas and sketches that are begging to be brought to life. And now, finally, it looks like I’ll get the time to do them! So stay tuned!

If you like this painting and want to find out more – please visit here.

As always, keep smiling, cultivate the love in your heart and let your light shine!!!

Much love,

deb sigline

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  1. A love the balance between the abstraction and that is gives us enough details to make the painting be formed in our mind. And the colour contrast between the almost cyan and purple is gorgeous. May your inspiration stay with you!

    1. Thank you Otto, this came quite organically, good to know that it is well received.

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