Making of Angelina Jolie Painting

Making of Angelina Jolie painting


When first starting this painting of Angelina Jolie, I had another idea in mind. I had even worked out the color palette to a great extent…

Color palette on right side of color chart


When I posted a photo of this one in progress, many people said that it was good just the way it was (or words to that effect)….

Photo I posted to facebook-
Photo I posted on Facebook

Making of Angelina Jolie Painting

Then after blocking in more and more, I began seeing it differently. I knew all along, that I wanted to emphasize the eyes and had wanted the rest of the piece to be more abstract. The more I worked on it though, the more my vision changed. The words written in her hair, was something that I had jotted down a day earlier and wanted to incorporate them somewhere inconspicuous.


step 2 in the making of Angelibna Jolie painting

They say eyes are the window to our soul, I can believe that. The eyes are the emphasis of this piece.


angelina jolie's eyes in painting
Close up detail of Angelina’s beautiful eyes



White textured paint subtly accentuates Angelina Jolie’s jaw bones, nose and chin.


my lips lingering at the small of your back
“My lips lingering at the small of your back” written in the highlights of her hair.


Painted in colors of pink, magenta, purple, and teal.


Original painting of Angelina Jolie
Original painting of Angelina Jolie


It’s interesting to document the creative process.

I can remember drawing famous people in school.  And though I won some awards at the state fair and what-not, I never thought much about painting portraits. Painting and drawing are quite different. I’m not fond of making real life-like portraits with matching skin tones, because honestly, I don ‘t want to work that hard – when I can just take a photo. What I do enjoy is painting juicy, yummy colorful portraits combined with words, numbers, designs. It combines the best of both worlds for me.

This painting is probably one of my most minimalist portraits ever and I like the way it turned out. What do you think?


If you’re interested in this original painting – collect the art here.


I’ve been busy scribbling in my sketch pads lately too. Tons of new ideas to explore, it feels like very fertile ground these days in the studio… One more commissioned painting is due and then hopefully back to some more abstract works!

Thanks for stopping by – have an awesome day!

Sending you peace, love and hugs wrapped in sunshine

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