Art Sales and Donations

Dog and Cat Paintings for donation to help animals

Sales and some special paintings for donation

I’m always hesitant to donate paintings. There’s a lot of talk about if it’s feasible as a tax write-off, or just good for business to get your name out there. I have no idea if it makes sense or not from a business standpoint. BUT, as an animal lover I don’t care – I’m happy to help in whatever way possible. These are 12″ x 9″ and will be used for a silent auction to benefit Paws For Love & Pets Are Loving Support.

On the easel
reference photo above

Color palette makes it interesting

As mentioned in my facebook post, painting these in my colorful purple, teal, pink and orange palette, made it fun. I’m not a traditional painter who’s into realism, for me; that’s what camera’s are for. That’s not to say that I don’t admire those that paint that way – it’s just not my preference, it doesn’t excite me like painting with vibrant colors do. Since I’ve never painted animals in this style before, it was a challenge to get the tonal values correct. So, I did small studies on 5×7 panels before finally executing on the canvas. In the end I’m happy with these and am amazed at how much fun it is to paint animals in these wild colors – who knows, may have to do more!

Small study panel on right
large abstract surreal painting original
On The Precipice – Mixed Media on stretched 24 x 30 canvas with deep 1.5″ sides painted white. Surreal Abstract Landscape by Deb Breton. Pastel colors and bold drips with whispy clouds.

Have always loved the dreamy feel to this painting. It’s one of the ones that came through me, more than really of me – if that makes sense.

Long hours

I’ve been putting some long hours lately, am not complaining, just finding it harder to blog these days. Right now if you’re interested in a commissioned painting my wait list is 2 months. But it will be here before you know it – so feel free to reach out to me and maybe we can co-create something beautiful together!

Take care,

deb sigline

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  1. graham mcquade

    Congratulations on the sale – sounds like your busy with work.

    1. Deb

      Thanks, same to you Graham, it appears we both are doing quite well this year, cheers

  2. Otto von Münchow

    Some times it makes sense to donate for a good course. Good that you are selling well as well. I really love On The Precipice. Simply beautiful.

    1. Deb

      Hey, thank you for the feedback about the Precipice painting Otto! I really did enjoy painting those animals, so much more fun for me, when they are painted in bright colors 🙂

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