Art Show Postcard

Just got the new postcard, what do you think?

I’m so pleased with the way these postcards from Vistaprint came out. There are a few online places for printing that do ‘short run’ prints. But because I had a coupon and I’m on a tight schedule, I went with Vista. Another place you might want to check out is CATPRINT. You can ask them to send you a calibration print. That way you can be sure that your color monitor matches their printing specs and your colors will be correct.

Go local

I opted to get all my gift cards printed by a local printer here in Sonoma County. Now that I know there is a place local to me that seems to be pretty competitive in pricing, they may turn out to be my go-to printers. Still waiting to find out how good they are. Once I do a ‘press check’ that should tell me. I’m relying once again on one of my favorite places here in Santa Rosa, VILLAGE ART SUPPLY for the large format archival prints. The owners Kristen and Zach make it their personal mission to make your art look fabulous! I love them and their stocked art supply store so much, what a gift! There’s also a fantastic place right around the corner called Redi-Mat. These folks have the best pricing on mats. Even though I have a large mat cutter and I love to get creative with it, sometimes, like before a show, there just isn’t time. So ordering some of their Redi-PAKS, which include mat, backer board and cello sleeve in packs of 25, are the way to go.

Coming down to the wire

Speaking of wire, I need to add the hanging hardware to a few pieces still. All the paintings are varnished now and looking great. I just love how the varnish really makes your painting’s colors glow and pop! JUICY!

Be kind to everyone, even if they are having a bad day – they probably need it most.


Paint On!



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