Art Studio Hacks

Art Studio Hacks

Things I’ve picked up and learned along the way…

This will be a series of quick blogs to share some
art studio hacks that have helped me, maybe they’ll help you too..

You know, there’s no substitute for experience. No matter what it is that you do in life, the more we do it, the better we get. Physically, that can translate to working out in the gym and developing muscle memory. Emotionally, that can be dealing with various issues to find a way to transform them into positive outcomes. The point is we learn by doing. And by doing them so much, it becomes intuitive. And though I’m ALWAYS learning new things, there are a few things that I wish someone had told me of.

That’s why I’m starting with a few art studio hacks

They say its all in the journey and while I DO believe that, I also believe in sharing one’s knowledge to help others. So stay tuned while I share some art studio hacks that have helped me along the way…


build a shelf for your easel
Air compressor, gesso and freezer paper on the easel shelf


Art Studio Hacks #1 – Airbrush Compressor Caddy

Since not everyone uses an airbrush to augment their paintings, this art studio hack isn’t for everyone, so let’s get this one out of the way first. The compressor was always standing behind the easel. Both my easels are on wheels and it’s not uncommon for me to roll them around the studio to take advantage of the best light, or to accommodate larger canvases. Having a cart on wheels that holds my airbrush guns and equipment is handy too. I also use an exhaust fan when spraying, so things here are very mobile.

I got tired of always lugging around the compressor from place to place. So, by using a plywood board (or in my case, left over bamboo flooring) cut a piece to size and lay it on the bottom of the easel. Now the bottom of the easel becomes a shelf! Just put the compressor on it and you can roll it anywhere! You can keep lots of supplies on there too, like gesso, and palette paper.


Easel shelf for extra room to put things
Easel shelf for extra room to put things

Art Studio Hack #2 – Easel Shelf

Pretty simple to make. This is made from 1/4″ luan or shelf board screwed beneath the easel riser. I threaded a bungee cord through a roll of paper towels and attached on each side of the shelf. Towards the right side of the shelf is a notch with a bead of putty that helps hold the airbrush secure when I’m mixing the next color (see more photos at bottom of page). There’s also some small holes on the right side that can be used to stand up brushes when working with multiple detail brushes.


A bent coat hanger makes a great airbrush holder
A bent coat hanger makes a great airbrush holder


A bent coat hanger makes a great airbrush holder
A bent coat hanger makes a great airbrush holder



Stay tuned because I have a butt-load more art studio hacks to share in the coming posts! Feel free to comment below, share, or add your own studio hacks – I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Have a great weekend – spread love, the world needs more of it! I spread that stuff on everyone!! ❤



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