Art Studio: Life is Short

Art Studio – Life is Short


Life is Short abstract diptych painting
Life is Short abstract painting full front, unframed. This is a Diptych. Each panel is 20″ x 20″ for a total of 20″ x 40″ when hung side by side.


life is short in studio
Life Is Short in the studio



Life is short, eat life, love
Eat Life – drink it all in


life is short close-up
close-up of words and patterns



Fuckin’ go the extra mile, YES!



Life is short
Our days may be numbered


Latest work from the art studio – Life is Short. As an artist it’s sometimes hard to create when you’re distracted by the outside world. I only want to put good energy out into the universe and sometimes when there’s talk of bombs and hate speak, it can really put the kibosh on your creativity. In fact, if you’re not careful – one could really go down the rabbit hole with all the drama going on these days!



So I’ve made it part of my spiritual practice to ramp up the meditation and spend more time in the hammock! Yes, the hammock! I love to lay there and listen to the birds. Small flittering gold finches, chatty little chickadees and in the distance Mr. McGinnis, or some red-wing blackbirds and even occasionally the skeow or kuk-kuk-kuk call of a green heron fishing on the 7th hole (water hole). So part of my daily practice entails 20 – 30 minutes in the hammock rocking back and forth in the sun and a cool breeze. In Northern California, our summer temps hover somewhere around the 80’s with little to no humidity, perfect weather to be outside!



Gratitude levels lately have been off the chart. So part of my hammock time (pronounced Hammer Time – if you’re familiar with balloon pants and MC Hammer of the 80’s) involves counting down everything I’m grateful for. Thankfully, there are many things to count on! After offering my gratitude, I might ask spirit to help me on a painting that I’ve been stuck on.


How Do You Think Of This Stuff?

Sometimes things just pour out of me and other times there are paintings that just don’t turn out. I shelve them in the hopes of returning to them someday. Like Bob Burridge says, “under every good painting is an abstract painting!” When the process is stuck, I’ll meditate and then it just comes to me. I rush into the studio, like a mad scientist into the lab.


Where Do Your Ideas Come From?

Laying in the hammock, enjoying nature and the cool breeze, the rustling of leaves high up in the maple tree above me. Thoroughly enjoying the dappled sunshine dancing across my closed eyelids. It was in that moment, that I realized just how fleeting life was. And in the next sway of the hammock, I saw the finished painting, with words and the numbers. It all came together.

From Hammock to Studio

After gathering colors found in nature, I put them on canvas and began moving paint around. With the music blaring, I danced with the paint, splashing and scraping until I felt what it was I was searching for. Each word has meaning and the numbers signify how “our days are numbered”. This includes a profanity because this was painted with a lot of passion behind it.


You only get one life

So get out there and enjoy it. It’s no time for half measures! Time is wasting! Eat Life UP, love more, live more and YES, Fuckin’ go the extra mile! What are you waiting for?!


Available here and see more pictures too..


With love and gratitude,

deb sigline



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  1. Ars longa, vita brevis…

    1. Indeed John, will take me several lifetimes!

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