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So last night I was laying in bed after watching a video of abstract artist Doreen McNeill, it was part of Graeme Stevenson’s ‘Colour in Your Life’ video series.  Which if you’re into seeing different artists and the way they work, is highly interesting – okay FASCINATING. Plus, Graeme is so cool. I happen to really enjoy Doreen McNeill’s work and the video presentation was just fantastic. She is 80, a YOUNG 80, her work is so vibrant, just so beautiful and amazing. She makes it look so easy, but you know, there are years of color mastering in her technique! You can check out her site here, if you’re interested. In one part of the video she was using water soluble crayons, this part really appealed to me because I like to work with h20 pencils and such, but she used these right in the paint and could blend them – instead of putting on a ‘pastel ground’! I loved the quick interaction of the 2 mediums, nothing to disturb the creative mojo flow! Yippee – new art supplies

But I digress

So, as I was saying –  I was laying there in bed and thought; wow I really do need to get some of those color sticks! I have a hard time calling them crayons damnit, it reminds me of kindergarten! Anyway, for giggles I picked up my phone and looked up ‘water soluble crayons’ on Dick Blick, then I compared it to Amazon and for less than a dollar more I could get it delivered with our Amazon prime (how did we ever live without it?!). I decided on the Lyra Aquacolor sticks – based on the great reviews. I shop at Blick’s a lot, this was just one of those times that I wanted supplies in a hurry and since I just placed an order with Blick last week I didn’t want to have to pay shipping AGAIN…

Anyway, I was so surprised to get a package (actually 2)  today – the Lyra Water Soluble Crayons came in TODAY, that’s amazing!

water soluble crayons
Lyra Aquacolor from Amazon – delivered in less than 24 hours!


But wait, there’s more..

Another package came today – it was the Dick Blick order from last week! BONUS!

Dick Blick brand premier stretched canvas
Dick Blick Premier Gallery Wrap Canvas


Normally I get Fredrix brand stretched canvas, but last week I had to order more insert pages for a presentation case and saw that they had a great sale on their in-house canvases. When I say great, I do mean great! I haven’t painted on them yet, so I can’t speak for the texture/feel, though they are 10oz primed, the edges are square (mitered) and they seem taut (nothing a little water on the back won’t fix if they were loose) and apparently these are hand splined. The reviews are positive – these get 4.5 stars, check them out here if you want.

Anyway, anyone else have experience with these canvases or the Lyra Aquacolors? What do you think of them? I could post an update once I’ve been using them a bit, if anyone is interested.

Bye for now – Paint on!





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  1. I’m always giddy to receive new supplies! Yes, I use the Dick Blick Premier Gallery Wrap Canvas and love it. Never any part loose or uneven gesso. I paint all around the edges and love the frameless look., That would be 12 years with no problems, so I’m going to stick with Blick. I can’t comment on the crayons, I haven’t mixed crayons or pastels in my acrylic work at all…yet.

    1. Oh I’m so glad to hear this (is it Mary or Maryellen?), the canvases looked great right out of the box, but haven’t used them yet, maybe I’ll make the switch 🙂 I’ll let you know how things go with the color sticks once I finish up the pieces I’m working on!

  2. I adore all of Lyra’s products. I think the Aquacolors are just as good as Caran d’Ache, and the price point is excellent. Never used them on canvas, just watercolor and mixed media papers. Have fun experimenting!

    1. Oh goodie – this is great news too Karen – thanks for your input!!!! I saw the Caran d’Ache, but I didn’t want to spend so much on something I may, or may not use so much. It’s good to know that these are good sticks! (I just dread the thought of calling them crayons) Anyway – thanks again – have a great day!

  3. Deb, thanks for the link and introduction to Doreen McNeill’s work. I love it! Also I’m glad for the tip about the Blick canvas. I haven’t ordered from Blick for years and usually get my Fredrix canvases at my local art supply store, which has great discounts. But I’m going to check these out!

    1. Hey Rennie – isn’t her work incredible?!! Glad you like her too. Oh and I think you’ll be quite pleased with the Blick canvases – they just feel so STURDY – ooh what fun!


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