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Friday, I love Friday’s

Maybe it’s because I can smell the weekend in the air. After working alone all week, it’s kind of nice to have some social time. A time to hang out with my better half and some friends and have fun, or maybe it’s just that I like weekdays that start with an F! Who knows..

Granted, I’m not a huge extrovert, never was really. They say Gemini’s are the great communicators, that they know no strangers! Well, I’m missing that gene…

Sure I have the flighty(air sign), moody gene, but not the “I can talk your ear off” gene. Unless we are talking about things that interest me like art, birds, meditation, wine, coffee, teas, space or parallel universes – then things get really fun – as we solve the complexities of the universe together!

But I digress…

FRIDAY, yes Friday. Did I also mention that I can easily forget what was being talked about? Is that just an ‘artist thang’ or an A.D.D. thing? Well anyway.

Varnishing some small paintings
Varnishing some small paintings


My studio looks pretty crazy at the moment. Today (Friday) in case I lost any of you, was spent varnishing some paintings that I’m happy with. I tend to set some painting’s aside after they’re done and then revisit them later, if I’m not happy with their outcome. Funny how setting them aside can really change your perspective of them. On some occasions, gesso is my friend, and I’ll have at a canvas, coating it with gesso and starting over. I guess it’s all part of the process? Do you do that too?

I’ve also had some help in the studio today, meet Ziggy our rescue dog. She has worked herself ragged, can you tell?


Ziggy dog in the art studio - it's a tough life!
Ziggy dog in the art studio – it’s a tough life!


Anyways, wishing you all a great, fun weekend. Get out, mingle or just hang with your special peeps and enjoy time together.


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