Back Pain

Back pain is a bitch

There’s no other way to sugar coat it. One minute you’re fine, the next minute it can bring you to your knees. Though I’ve struggled with back pain for years, this past month it has been extremely painful, one of the worst. It was so bad that I was taking pain killers to help me deal with the pain. At one point my wife had to dress me because I couldn’t bend at the waist, it was horrible. Aside from the excruciating pain, It leaves you feeling helpless too.


Working through the pain

morphine drip painting
Morphine Drip


If you read Louise Hay’s “Heal Your Life” book, one of the sources of back pain is worry. And I have been stressed about money lately, as well as the political climate here in the U.S., so maybe that is part of it? And though I did get some relief from my chiropractor, the issue still persisted.


Painting is relief

Once “upright”, I would retreat to the studio and painting has helped me to deal with the pain. It’s amazing how being inspired (or as the late Dr. Wayne Dyer used to say “in-spirit”), can help you get away from the pain. Well that, and pain killers. Painting while under the influence is not my first choice, but it most definitely helped me deal with the pain.



Trigger point therapy

So the past week I have felt significantly better and trigger point therapy is the reason! We first picked up this book to deal with “frozen shoulder” and it seems to older we get, the more relevant this book has become. I woke up one morning and thought about this book titled “The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook” by Clair Davies (with Amber Davies) and looked up where the back pain was coming from. To my surprise, there it was! EXACTLY the pain I was experiencing.


Trigger Points in the Gluteus Medius


Tennis Balls and Stretches

So I have finally found RELIEF. By using the Theracane, tennis balls and stretched as prescribed in this book, I am able to walk, dress, bend and paint without pain killers, WITHOUT PAIN! The transformation has been amazing, and it has been painful working on these points, but the relief has been phenomenal and I’m just about back to, no, BETTER than normal.


Paint to  Heal DEAL

Needless to say, all this pain has made me more prolific in the studio. It has actually helped me create more. The choice was to just lay around and hope it got better, or be proactive and try to treat myself while painting to keep my sanity 😊

Either way, it feels good to be walking everyday and especially great to be able to dress myself. Geez… like my mom said, getting old is not for sissies!


Love you – take GOOD care of yourselves

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  1. pennross

    When I pain there’s no creativity Have you read John Sarno Healing Back Pain? Helped me get through it Good luck, it is a bitch.

    1. Deb

      Hi Penny, you’re the second person to mention his theory and it resonates with me. Am doing research as we speak. Thank you.

  2. maryellenwall

    So glad you found RELIEF! My personal belief is that one can find most anything one needs in a book…that’s why I have a library of several thousand. As for the painting, the netting effect seems to depict the way you might try to hide the pain, but it is visible to all anyway. When I’ve felt rotten and tried to appear cheery, I knew I wasn’t succeeding very well.

    1. Deb

      So true Maryellen!!! Books are our most precious resource. While a kindle is fine, there is nothing like the smell of books (is that weird?), love that smell! As for the art, that’s a good interpretation of the pain.

  3. Susan Herrbold

    So sorry about your pain, but so glad that you’ve found ways to release the pain through artistic expression and some physical interventions with the stretches, tennis balls and Theracain. If you have a good doc, ask she or he about prescribing Lidocaine patches which can be more effective and provide longer lasting relief than Salon Pas or Theracain. Love your strong message about taking charge of your own health. Also appreciated your kudos and yreferences to the late greats Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer who both promoted that a higher sense of consciousness was key to transformational healing instead of trying to “live”an immobilized life (literally), Grateful for your post and for you art, my friend!

    1. Deb

      Hey Susan, I am thrilled you stopped by, AND with such encouraging words! Yes, they (Hay, Dyer & Sarno) were ahead of their time. Somewhere in the not so distant future, I feel the healing modalities involving the mind/body/spirit will be the norm, as opposed to “wu-wu”. Thanks for the feedback Sus, take care!❤ Hugs to you, your other half-and the pup too!

  4. Good for you that you were able to fix it. As a medical writer I am seeing things a bit differently. Pain is the signal that something needs your attention. However, I personally would go for an MRI test with persistent back pain. There is usually something that causes it. Sometimes the small spaces between vertebrae get inflamed, there can be numerous things that go on in a spinal cord. Sometimes, simple cold air can cause inflammation of nerves and sometimes one needs more treatment. Spinal cord and back are very important things. I simply think if the pain returns, you should find the cause of it. While worries can contribute to any condition they do not cause strong nerve pain or associated feelings in the bones. My husband has frequent back pain and he would refuse to do anything about it. He leaves money at chiropractors and massage places, and that doesn’t fix the problem. I had back fracture many years ago, I know what is going on, but I cannot complain about too strong pain. Well, I paint in a way that makes back pain worse. Painting itself is great, but the way we stand or sit at the easel can be really affecting that. Take a good care about yourself!

    1. Deb

      You are right about getting a more in depth analysis Inese, I have had numerous tests. Sad to hear that both you and your husband have experienced back problems, so painful and debilitating. It sure does render you helpless and its not a good feeling. I have increased exercising to strengthen my core and that is a huge part of it for me. As for painting, is there a way you can position your easel and then adjust height of chair & support your back with foam pillow? I’ve found the making a few adjustments to my everyday way of doing things has helped. Keep painting, its our cure!!

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