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Into the Ether

Large Abstract Painting

I’ve been experimenting with the “verdure” color palette these past few weeks. I really love these soft colors, such a departure from my retina tickling norm palette. I’m also enjoying painting on larger canvases. In fact, these days I prefer a large canvas, there’s just so much more you can do with that extra “real estate”! Into the Ether large abstract measures 24 x 48″

into the ether - detail of lines and colors of the painting
Into the Ether 24″ x 48″ mixed media on gallery wrap canvas by Deb Breton $525

The verdure palette is supposed to signify health, since some of the colors are taken directly from vegetables. These swatches include names like celery green and eggplant purple –  is it any wonder I’m getting hungry just thinking about these yummy colors. I purposefully kept this light, I used a lot of titanium white in this piece. There are about 7 or 8 glazes of color, more in some places, less in others. It does seem to glow…

into the ether - detail of lines and colors
Into the Ether – a closer look at some of the details

The under-painting includes drips and I also incorporated some text. I get off on using verbiage in my paintings, not sure why. Maybe it’s because I want the viewer to linger, really look at it and wonder what the hell was going on in the person’s mind who painted it? I can tell you this, it was created in the middle of a heat wave here in Northern California! Perhaps that’s why some of the verbiage reads “Bracing for” and “summer”. There are lots of goodies tucked into this mixed media piece, including papers for texture, lines, pencil marks, drips, etc.

large abstract details
Into the Ether details of left side of large abstract

Because it’s always so hard to show what an actual painting looks like online, here’s a quick video that captures some of the details.

Why is it that when viewing paintings online, it is never as good as seeing it in person?!

Well, thanks for stopping by and having a look. By the way, I hope that the “like” button “not loading” has finally been resolved. Thank you all for writing me and letting me know about the issue. Made a few changes to the blog and optimized it too.. I know it’s been slow and a real hassle… So thank you for sticking with me. Hopefully the blog loads faster now, because time is much too precious to spend waiting for webpages to load!

Have a great week ahead – much love and happy, positive vibes to you and yours!


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  1. arlenesnewbeginning

    Love it Deb!

    1. Deb B

      Oh that’s great news, thanks Arlene! 🙂

  2. clinock

    Well you know Art Rat Cafe’s passion is text in art and text and art. Adore this! Interesting to consider your ‘copyright’ text might also have as much a place in the painting as “Bracing For” etc…

    1. Deb B

      Well you know John, I can’t write the beautiful poems that you write, so I’m relegated to finding text in magazines that convey my message. You have a way with words AND art, which makes visiting your blog such a joy! As for the © info, you mean use the entire copyright text, just write it in there or type it out?

      1. clinock

        The copyright text, although not consciously intended to be part of the painting, becomes part of the painting along with the intended text…

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