More Color!

Like the SNL skit - More Cowbell: MORE COLOR! It's no secret how much I adore color. Even when they are all competing with each other on canvas,  still I find myself saying MORE COLOR! It's like a bad habit,…

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Pushing Myself

As a creative I try to keep pushing myself Some of you might know, that yours truly, used to turn wood on a lathe many moons ago. Back then, we wood turners would make bowls, bottle stoppers and such. But…

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Making of Charlie Chaplain
Narrowing down the color pallet for the Charlie Chaplain Painting

Making of Charlie Chaplain

The making of Charlie Chaplain A commissioned painting   This Charlie Chaplain painting is the second painting that one of my collectors commissioned me to do. Her first was a gift to her wife. That one was of Johnny Cash…

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Feast or Famine?

Feast or Famine? It seems like with most things in life, it's either feast or famine, but particularly so though in the art world. There are times, like the beginning of this year, when my sales had hit a slump.…

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Large Colorful Square Abstract Painting
Sometimes The Only Way Out is Through 40 x 40 by Deb Breton and Sheridan Gold

Large Colorful Square Abstract Painting

Sometimes The Only Way Out Is Through Large Colorful Square Abstract Painting So finally today, I am back in the studio for the first time in what seems like forever. The last time I painted, was when a friend came…

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Business of Art

The Business of Art   The shift Making the shift in consciousness from artist to business owner. Well, sometimes in life you just have to bite the bullet and do things differently. I guess some of us wait until things…

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Sold – Road Trip abstract painting
Road Trip, painted in Pantone's 2018 Verdure palette. Sold

Sold – Road Trip abstract painting

Sold  - Road Trip Abstract Painting   This abstract painting titled Road Trip, sold this past weekend at my solo show. The best part? It went home with a collector that has 2 more of my paintings in their art…

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