Bluebird At My Window

Lately every morning there is a bluebird at my window


I have loved bluebirds ever since I was a kid. So imagine how thrilled I was to have a bluebird at my window these past two weeks!

I’m a birder. Yes, I sometimes dress funny and trek through the woods, peering into the treetops with binoculars. My neck sore from watching warblers and vireo’s high up in the trees. I love watching and photographing birds and their silly antics and behaviour. If I’m lucky I’ll get a few decent pictures of them and add a new one to my lifelist. Oh yeah,  I keep a list of every different bird I’ve seen and can still recall every place I was when first spotting a ‘new’ bird. And though I relish in the idea of adding new birds to my life list, I never tire of watching birds, particularly my lifelong favorite, the bluebird. In the past week or so, our nesting box out back has been visited by a Western Bluebird ‘couple’. They dart in and out of the box all day long. More recently the female bluebird has begun tapping on our dining room window, which is in view from my office.


deb breton is birding
In my goofy hat, but it shields the sun so I can read the camera settings while birding




The first few times I heard the tapping sound

I wasn’t sure where it was coming from. But then I looked up to find our little bluebird hovering at the window and tapping lightly, then flying onto the screen, then tapping again. It’s common for birds to do this. They mistake their reflection for another bird. What IS unusual though, is that one morning that bird was tapping on our bathroom window before the sun had even come up!


Now I’ve always been fascinated by bluebirds

Around the time that my mom was living with us under hospice care years ago, I painted this bluebird pictured below, using a reference photo I took while on a bird walk. Had no clue what the hell I was doing, but man, I enjoyed painting this. It was so nice to ‘escape’ the emotions I was dealing with…



Eastern Bluebird


Of course I painted some really weird stuff around that time too, but it was all part of the process. Painting has a way of healing people, don’t you think? A few years ago, our best friend was undergoing chemo and we started painting a “healing wall‘, which I blogged about. That wall, over the years, has morphed into a wild mixed media piece that expresses so much of our friends journey… Art is good medicine and therapy! But I digress..


Back to the bluebird tapping

western bluebird in nesting box
Male Bluebird in nesting box


I can’t help but think that the bluebird who is always tapping is my mom. I know this sounds funny, especially if you don’t believe in reincarnation. But why else would this bird persistently tap on our window. Not only that, but then to fly upstairs and tap on the bathroom window before the sun is up? I think she was trying to wake me up and tell me something, but as yet, haven’t figured it out… We did get them both fresh mealworms for mother’s day though 🙂

Female Western Bluebird at the bird bath
Female Western Bluebird at the bird bath

















wren in nesting box
House Wren building a nest in the nesting box




When I lived back east near Washington D.C.

One of my favorite places to spot birds was Algonkian Park. It’s a small park on the Virginia (western) side of the Potomac river, to the eastern banks is Maryland. In early spring, the woods are filled with the songs of butter butts (Yellow-Rumped Warblers), and later in spring, the Eastern Bluebirds. Never did we have bluebirds in our yard…Try as we might, we were never able to lure Bluebirds to our nesting boxes even with mealworms! Every year, it seems one industrious House Wren would hurriedly and haphazardly fill all 3 boxes with twigs and sticks hoping that a female would pick one of the boxes!

Imagine my surprise, when in our first year of moving here to Northern California we had Western Bluebird visitors to the boxes! Our back yard has 7 redwood trees, they’re messy trees, always shedding, but they are great cover for a wide variety of birds. We also back to a golf course and our particular hole is a water hole. So it’s not unusual to see egrets, green herons, white-tailed kites and BLUEBIRDS. This year we have a Nuttall’s Woodpecker ‘couple’ who are nesting in a dead birch tree that is 5 feet from our back door. I hope to get photo’s of them when their kids fledge!


woodpecker nesting in hole in birch tree
Nuttall’s Woodpecker is nesting in a dead birch tree



Have a great week everybody! Keep smiling and light up the world – we can all use some good energy!


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  1. Chandra Lynn

    Where’s the love button? Beautiful post! You would love the University campus where I teach. One short campus walk and you will encounter dozens of different birds. I’ve seen bluebirds near my home, but I’ve never been able to capture them.

    1. Deb B

      Hey Chandra, where do you teach, sounds beautiful? You’re right, anywhere and anytime spent with birds is great! Thanks for the lovely comment, have a beautiful day!

      1. Chandra Lynn

        Hey! I teach in Northern Alabama. The campus has a zillion types of trees and I think that’s what attracts the birds. I think…

        1. Deb B

          Oh Chandra, I would love birding there. South/east coast birds are so colorful! And in part due to all the different trees and ‘bugs’ that live in them!!

  2. Artist Inese Poga

    Love bird paintings, you’ve done this one well!

    1. Deb B

      Thanks Inese, one of my first paintings from years ago.

  3. karengadient

    Oh, hey. I love birding too (only I’m no photographer). Have only spotted one or two Western in our neck of the desert, though.

    1. Deb B

      No way Karen, you’re a birder too?! I’ve ‘birded’ in & around Prescott AZ! Would love to do Southern AZ during migration!

  4. Phil

    Wonderful bluebird painting and photographs, Deb

    1. Deb

      Thanks Phil

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