Show-off Painting Sold
SHOW OFF! Brightly colored bird silhouettes sitting on a wire with one little guy hanging upside down. The original has sparkles on the upside down bird. 12 x 9 on 300# Acid Free Paper. Original Watercolor - $150 with mat that fits 11x17 frame

Show-off Painting Sold

One of my very favorite paintings sold this weekend..   It's no secret, I get attached to the paintings I make. They say you're not supposed to do that, but how do you not? They start as an idea in…

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Peacock Watercolor Painting
Peacock watercolor painting - Deb Breton

Peacock Watercolor Painting   Peacock watercolor painting   The idea for today's peacock watercolor painting came to me while reminiscing about an almost magical place called "City of 10,000 Buddhas". As I mentioned in my previous post, meditation has become part of…

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