Change is good unless…

Hello friends, it’s been a while! I’ve decided to change things up a bit. It’s just not practical to write a blog every week or so, like in the past. So I’m changing things up and posting when I have the time, because honestly – creating art takes precedence over blogging. Besides, with commissions and the summer months – there’s just too much going on right now.

Part of the reason for a change

First I was sick in April and May. Then in June I felt better and just overdid things way too soon. In the “down time” though, it became obvious that writing a blog and creating almost everyday was really stretching things too thin. So I made some executive decisions and decided to concentrate on my art and promoting, rather than writing about it. When I have something to share and the time to post I will, otherwise I may just send out the latest news on occasions.

So to catch up

Here’s some new works as well as some artworks that have sold:

As you can see, in spite of being sick, I still kept painting. Art has always been a refuge for me. And even though I didn’t create as much as I would have normally, it still came from a place of good intention and passion.

Here’s to filling your life with creativity and passion – after all, what else is there?

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Also – to find any of these works, use the search function on the top right of every page. Thanks.

Be well, love often

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  1. You have been busy and everything is so beautiful. I can’t even pick a favorite–though “Take Flight” is really speaking to me. Springtime in the Mountains because well, purple and a pun on my last nam. Yes, art is definitely therapeutic. I’ve been doing quite of doodle/drawing–every day, in fact. You’d be proud of me. 🙂 No more painting though. I cleaned up my home office and couldn’t find the watercolor pencils, so I probably did give them away.

    1. Oh Chandra, am so happy to hear that you are creating – EVERY DAY!!!! Yeah, that put a smile on my face. I want to send these watercolor pencils to you, text me 7076948504 or send me an email with your address. Seriously, want to see these wc pencils used!

      1. Perfect! I’ll send you a text message or maybe even a DM on IG.

        1. Yes, please do! I’m on Instagram pretty regularly-so perfect.

    2. Oh and I don’t know your last name (pun ref.)? But glad you find my work pleasing! Take care

        1. Hah, it really IS mountain?

  2. Deb! Thanks for not spamming my reader.

    1. Hey Mike, I’m not sure what this message means – have I been spammy? If so, my heartfelt apologies….

  3. Happy to hear you are on the mend and that summer has been so creatively prolific for you. It’s so important to keep taking care of ourselves and I hope you continue to prioritize this! Really digging “Take Flight” but I’m super excited about that large landscape/seascape you’re working at!

    1. Hello there, yes -am slowly getting better these days. Promise I WILL do better at prioritizing my health – just stretched too thin these days. Seems to be my world – feast or famine…When it slows down again I’m looking to do panchakarma again so I can detox and really get a handle on things… Till then I just BREATHE

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