Artist Services

Sometimes the only way out is through painting

If you’re an interior designer I can help you coordinate the perfect color palette in a style that’s right for your client. I even work with doctors’ offices and businesses that want to connect with and uplift their patients, staff and customers by creating colorful cohesive bodies of work that promote feelings of well-being and fostering engaging conversations.

I love to work with amazing people who want to unleash their true colors and turn their home or office into an oasis of color with art that makes them feel good. Working one on one with a collector to help them achieve the perfect piece of art for their home or office is one of the greatest feelings imaginable. It is so rewarding to see that final painting hanging on their wall and knowing the joy it brings them.

My collectors know what kind of art they like and the quality they will get. I use professional paints, gels and mediums, meaning your painting is heavily pigmented, rich and colorful. With care (keep out of direct sunlight) it will last a lifetime. Your painting comes signed on the front in most cases (when it doesn’t interfere with the design) and always signed on verso (back).

You’ll get a signed Certificate of Authenticity with every painting, keep this in a safe place as this ensures the work is legitimate and validates your investment.

If you need larger images of a particular piece, want to combine shipping, or have any other questions, contact me and we’re working together! It’s that easy! You’ll enjoy the personalized service that you get with a professional artist that will not only hear you, but listen to you too.


~Looking forward to talking with you during our free consultation ~