Day at the Beach minimalism painting

Day at the Beach

Large Minimalism Painting


Have been working on this Day at the Beach minimalism painting for about a week now. I’m on a kick with the Nova Super Gel #209. Love all the texture it gives. What’s more it holds its shape and is flexible! No, I don’t get money for endorsing the stuff, I just really like it – a LOT! Something about paintings that have a lot of texture that just excite me – guess I’m easy that way.


Painting on a ladder

This painting measures 24 x 48″ I had to climb up a step stool to paint it. Normally I could paint this on a table top, but because of my back pain, I didn’t want to risk it!



Day at the beach - large painting in progress
Feeling too short!



sand in the painting
Actual sand that was used – truly mixed media


There’s texture throughout the painting, but I actually made a mixture of  California SAND, yellow ochre and iridescent gold into some medium and spread that along the bottom, so happy the way it turned out. Yup, all the stars aligned and it came together beautifully! When you sit back and look at this painting those colors are so calming. And the coolness make it very refreshing too. I can imagine digging my toes in the sand and then getting my feet wet!


Day at the Beach - close up of sand
Day at the Beach – close up of sand


Day at the Beach in office interior


Absolutely adore the color combo of Manganese Blue and Teal, a new fave – what about you, do you like the color combo? And finally, it was finished off with 3 coats of Golden’s gloss UV protectant varnish.

Day at the Beach –available here


Have a wonderful day – hug someone – and mean it 😘

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  1. Bespoke Traveler

    I love that in this painting you incorporated real sand.

    1. Deb

      And it was fairly easy to work with too, thank you! Kinda nice to include more earth elements into paintings!

        1. Deb

          You’re right, his bird paintings are incredible! Feels as though I’m looking through a Sibley guide on steroids!

          1. Bespoke Traveler

            Yes! That’s such a fantastic description of his style.

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