Dreaming of Evolution

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Dreaming of Evolution – and texture

Maybe it’s all the rain we’ve had lately, or perhaps the Solar Eclipse New Moon today, but it seems my emotions are running deep and there is definitely some sort of internal exploration going on. Anyone else noticing this?

All I know is that in the week or so following up to today, I have explored the blues – every shade and every hue. Add to that, kicking things up a bit with the heavy gel, which adds a buttload of texture into each painting!  This gel is wonderfully expressive stuff!


Dreaming …

Apparently with all this internal exploration and the focus on the color blue, comes the dreaming too. Dreaming and painting all night long. Dreaming of swirls of bright colors masked behind blue swirls of clouds. It’s been a mystical experience lately and no, I’ve not been smoking anything 🙂

swirls of dreamy blue orange and yellow abstract painting
Dreaming of Evolution – Abstract Painting by Debra Breton. Acrylic on stretched canvas. Measures 12 x 12 x .78 Layers and layers of swirled, textured, dreamy colors in blue, aqua, teal, yellow, orange and red glow.


swirls of dreamy color abstract painting by deb breton
Dreaming of Evolution – Abstract Painting – Side view with texture


Thanks for looking – have a great day!






I’ve just added this painting to my originals gallery for purchase, which you can view here.



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    • Deb B

      Yes Joe! I like scratching through the layers to find the glow beneath-just like people, we have to peel away the layers to get to the good stuff!

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