Feast or Famine?

Feast or Famine?

It seems like with most things in life, it’s either feast or famine, but particularly so though in the art world. There are times, like the beginning of this year, when my sales had hit a slump. I was brooding about it at first, but then I channeled that frustration and took a business class from Beate Chelette. This class gave me a much-needed breakthrough of sorts and was one of the pieces of the puzzle that was missing. Beate not only helped me navigate the business arena, she put me in touch with MY TRUE SELF.  I mean, my personality actually changed when I became liberated and I thank Beate in large part for it.

Aside from taking the time to learn about the “business” end of sharing art, it was also a fertile time to try new painting techniques and ideas – an exploration of sorts. After all, art is an exploration into our very soul, exposing us and revealing our innermost secrets. It takes great courage to share your work and passion with the world. So if you are an artist, writer, chef, stylist – whatever – give yourself a pat on the back for sharing your gifts with the world and being vulnerable. And if you create, let’s not be reticent to call ourselves artists; as my friend Terry says “embrace it”. That’s right, shine your creative light because the world needs more CREATIVITY!

Things to ponder

On a different note, I am rethinking my whole blog approach. As you can tell, I’m not much of a writer and frankly – not even sure what to write about most times. Does anyone even read this blog, does anyone care? Should I use this space to just post a photo of new, or sold work? This is what I’ll be ruminating about going forward.

Changing tide?

As my exhibition at the Redwood Cafe here in northern California comes to a close next week, it has made me aware that art has value, if it’s not selling yet, it’s only because the right people haven’t seen it yet. Don’t give up, persevere. Look ahead – follow your heart and share your gift of creativity with the world. You’re never too young, or too old to share your talents. Sometimes our worst critic can be ourselves. I’m not saying to be boisterous and full of yourself, but I am saying to give yourself permission to be the greatest you can be and just CREATE. Art is subjective. EMBRACE IT. There’s room for all of us…

Full Circle

I’m grateful to have helped uplift some people and brighten their space with my paintings this month, but I also know that it’s usually feast or famine. So with that in mind I’m driven to create and experiment even more to find the gifts that lie in my soul and express them on canvas. I’m enjoying the sales, but am always aware that I can’t rest on my laurels. Because what you do today affects your tomorrow. If you’re not moving forward this week, you’ll be going downhill next.

Wishing you creative moments filled with inspiration and COURAGE to express what you feel without the filter of your worst critic-you.

Step UP and EMBRACE you!

Much, much love,

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  1. graham mcquade

    These portraits are very powerful, Deb.
    When things are slow I always think that you’re doing what you love and can feel proud of the results and just by doing keeps you moving forwards.

    1. Deb

      Geez, I like to think that my portrait interpretations are getting better Graham. For the most part they come easily when I’m inspired by the person. As a bonus, I’m intrigued to learn more about “what makes them “tick”! It seems we humans are much more caring, driven and complex than we give ourselves credit for sometimes!

  2. Bespoke Traveler

    I so enjoy your posts Deb, as they are insights into your creative process, your fears, your triumphs and failures. It’s inspiring to know and connect to other people like you and to realize we are all fighting similar battles in our own individual ways. Thank you for letting us into your thoughts through your blog.

    1. Deb

      Thank you for that!! Sometimes I wonder if my “sharing” makes any difference – and your thoughtful reply is encouraging. Yes, it’s no secret that we as creatives endure moments of frustration and doubt, buffered by moments of intense creativity. As long as we are true to ourselves, perhaps that’s all that’s needed? Sooner or later someone is bound to resonate with us. Thank you again.

  3. Otto von Münchow

    I do read and enjoy your blog. 🙂 As this post where you point to something very crucial. Artists need to be business savvy as well, at least if they are trying to make a living out of their art. For most of us it doesn’t come natural. We are artists by heart, not businessmen or -women. At the same time as we need to learn the business, we need to make sure that we keep following our hearts, as you so rightly point out.

    1. Deb

      Yes, apparently the business aspect of things is difficult for us creatives. Must be the constant right and left side of the brain doing battle The trick for me is to harmonize and balance the two! I’ve come to the conclusion that unless you are really lucky and know people — you MUST have some business acumen in order to get your work out there and be seen. I love helping to make the world a brighter place through my paintings and want more people to experience them. And so learning the business and marketing end is the only way I know to do that. It is A LOT of work, but then, I’ve worked harder for other people all my life – why not work hard for me and my clients?!Thank you Otto for your vote of confidence – I shall continue to share my successes and failures – maybe it will help others to know that we all have doubts, fears and victories – we just have to keep at it, which is easy when you love what you do!

  4. Diane Smyres

    Thank you Deb! I’m glad I backtracked to this post. I am in such a bad habit of letting me emails stack up when it comes to other artists blogs, and art marketing sites that I find a lot of times I do sit down and just delete a LOT to give myself an inbox that doesn’t overwhelm me! I feel as though I am throwing away a wealth of information and ideas and inspiration that I KNOW I can use. So I am making new efforts to stay on top of my Inbox and pay attention to what others are saying so that I can learn what to say about my work. It was only a few years ago that I started painting canvases, and at the age of 43 decided that I wanted to be an artist. I thank you for reaffirming the idea that it is never too late!

    1. Deb

      Hi Diane! Was just at your site, love your expressive style! Kudos to you for following your heart into fine art. I really, REALLY liked “Iridescent Amplified” (both of them) and “Ripples”, but there is no like/or follow button for your blog – sadness. I too get overwhelmed with emails which is why I tend to follow blogs in the wordpress and blogger reader. Thank you for stopping by and keep on painting!!!! Don’t be a stranger!

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