Finished Cat Painting

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Last week I posted a cat painting that was in progress.

Now the piece is finished, the whiskers were added and also some finishing touches to the eyes.

This was done with Bombay India inks on yupo. It’s a great ‘lesson’ for those who like to ‘control’ everything, because you have absolutely no control! Seriously the inks dance and float on the yupo, in a free form pattern more or less. So it’s great technique when you want to get loose. Only the eyes were painted in a controlled manner.

Still it’s good fun and took me out of my comfort zone.

Cat painting - India Inks
Cat painting – India Inks on yupo by Deb Breton


Cat semi-abstract painting

Here are the colors being laid down. This was made as a gift, KC the kitty, just recently passed away.


Cat semi-abstract painting tests
Here you can see some of the test color palettes I made on the right…




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