Frenetic Passion

Perhaps aptly named “Frenetic Passion”

One of the latest pieces that will be in my featured show UNCORKED, opening this Sunday at the Hopscotch Gifts & Gallery in Glen Ellen, CA!


colorful abstract painting with shapes and textures
Frenetic Passion – Abstract Expressionism by Deb Breton


I’ve not had a lot of time to blog lately as I’ve been busy getting ready for my upcoming show. Had a few WordPress glitches lately and sadly some of my past posts were not even being publicized. All this when I’m trying to get all the pieces framed & wired and ready for the upcoming show has been a lot to deal with.


In my last post I mentioned going to a local printer, well – that was a near disaster! It turns out they misquoted the price for the cards, thinking they were postcards? and almost didn’t deliver. The cards do look beautiful though and I’m really happy with the quality.



archival prints with mat and board
Archival prints all sealed and ready


The giclee’s from Village Art Supply here in Santa Rosa came out great too! I spent an entire day flap mounting 35 of these giclees on mat board with backing and bagged all of them – plus did the inventory and labels of everything in the show (thank goodness for eArtist). There are 25 pieces of original art, a metal print, archival prints and cards all at the Uncorked show…


Now I’m busy preparing for a painting demo this Sunday! I’m so excited, nervous and psyched – all at once!!!!


So for now, please take care of yourselves and don’t forget to give someone a hug! We all need a little more kindness these days, especially when there’s so much divisiveness going on now.


In Joy,




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  1. luke610

    Hi Deb, All the very best with your show – the preparation is such a pain but your work looks really smart and professional. I’m also hanging a few of my pieces at a local art exhibition this weekend. Keep well and be strong! much love from Norfolk, UK xxx

  2. Inese Poga Art plus Life

    Really beautiful pieces. I sometimes wish I had more interest in abstracts, but I love drawing and line too much. Your work must be selling easily: colors and shapes are very attractive, Good luck with the show!

  3. Deb B

    Thank you Janice – and wishing you the best at your show!

  4. Deb B

    Hi Inese, I’m so anal in my ‘real life’ that abstract let’s me paint my emotion and go beyond the confining lines. I’m very strict with myself, so abstract lets me get loose.. Thank you for your kind words – have a great weekend!

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