Business of Art

The Business of Art


The shift

Making the shift in consciousness from artist to business owner. Well, sometimes in life you just have to bite the bullet and do things differently. I guess some of us wait until things become so uncomfortable, that that’s when we finally work to change. This is me. After coming off a great year in 2017, having lots of shows and lots of sales, this year I hit a lull. I knew I needed to change things up because, well lets face it, I want to get my art into more homes and businesses and I want to be paid for my work. Why? Two reasons. #1, the obvious, I need to pay my bills and #2 the world needs more positive, uplifting art, and that’s what I paint, that’s what people tell me, and that’s my passion, it’s my purpose in this life.

The class

So, in the first week of May, I joined Beate Chelette’s TRANSFORM YOUR PASSION INTO PROFITS business and marketing course. While I wanted to take my art business to the next level, it was hard to do without a roadmap. Especially since I, like many creatives, are not that business savvy. In fact, just the mention of “business” was a turn off for me. But the reality for many of us independent artist’s these days, is that we need to be just as much of a business & marketing person, as we need to be artists.

The challenge

Though I knew that taking this class was going to help guide me in my career, what I did not expect was another revelation that I experienced. I experienced liberation and acceptance. I experienced a breakdown, a breakthrough and a breaking out. Many thanks to my classmates who were so supportive and helped me deal with something that has kept me in a box for most of my life. Thank you Bruce, Beatrice and Aubrey – what a gift. Most of all thank you Beate for creating a safe space, pushing the right buttons and gently kicking my ass 🙂

You can read more about my ‘adventure’ by visiting Beate Chelette’s blog here:

The outcome

One day I hope to share “my story” of how art has literally saved me. But for now, I’ll close by saying thank you. Thank you for staying with me on this art journey called life and thank you for being here.


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  1. Otto von Münchow

    I so recognize what you write, Deb. I actually think it’s more important to be a good business man or woman than a good artist—too survive. Unfortunately I would add. I am happy to read that you are on the move after the online course. I wish you all the best with growing your business.

    1. Deb

      It’s definitely hard to engage both sides of the brain sometimes, but pretty much a necessity, if you want to make a serious go of things… Thanks for the encouragement Otto!

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