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I love what I do

I get to create art almost every single day, some days it’s the best job in the world. Like today, I recently sold another original painting and the best part wasn’t actually the ‘selling’ part of it, though I do love that. No, the best part is when the person who receives my art is thrilled with it!!  THAT is what makes my day and THAT is what makes creating art so worthwhile for me.


Here’s a really nice review received today from a happy art collector:

 “I purchased this lovely piece for a friend’s birthday. After receiving it in the mail today, I am so tempted to keep it for myself! It came professionally packaged and in perfect condition. I love everything; from the quality of the paper used for the painting, to the details that are sometimes hard to portray in watercolor work. I’m already a huge fan! Thank you for your personal touches Deb! Much love sent your way!” ~ Sonya D.


Wow, that was a really nice review and what a thoughtful friend – we could all use a friend like this!


bright multicolord semi-abstract splash painting of a peacock
Brightly colored peacock with splashes of blue, green, red and orange.



 “Stubborn Peacock” painting that was sent out a couple of days ago.


package with artwork and certificate of authenticity ready to be mailed
Shipping artwork to an art collector


For every artwork you DO see, there are plenty more that you DON’T see

For every painting that finds a new home there are many others that never make the cut, they are my learning experiences, they are my misfits. I still love these rejects because they were so instrumental in getting out the passion I have for creating, but for one reason or another, they will never see the light of day. That’s okay – I know they were painted with passion and they were cathartic creations for me. I guess in the end –  it’s all very Tao – that balance of creating some winning paintings along with creating ones that become rejects.  I don’t mind though because I’m already dreaming of the next idea before the last drop of wet paint on my current painting has dried.


Wishing you peace and love and a very beautiful day,


Paint on!


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  1. Joe Yang

    Congratulations! That’s got to be a great feeling 🙂 The peacock looks great!

    • Deb B

      Thank you Joe. Yes, always a great feeling! I loved that peacock and this was an especially nice person to work with too!

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