Still working on the healing process…

So, I’m sorry if you are expecting this to be about art, it’s not. It’s a quick post about nutrition, health and healing. If this bores you – no worries, I will be back to my artsy self soon. Creating more work and hopefully more videos too.

My last blog mentioned that I was feeling a little down and fatigued. While I feel significantly better, I am still experiencing some side effects as a result of detoxing. It’s been hard giving up sugar and even harder to give up cream and cheese, but I have been doing it! Its been almost 2 weeks. Special thanks to some great advice from my artist friends Laura and Karen, yeah, go check them out! They both gave some helpful advice (even links) and have been uber supportive. It has really helped, because this has been a major undertaking for me, So thanks a bunch gals!


A Vitamix can do that?!

Freshly squeezed almond milk
Freshly squeezed almond milk


So, we had just bought a Vitamix a few weeks ago and little did I know we would be putting that baby to WORK. Yesterday we made fresh Almond milk, and then dried the almond pulp to make almond flour. I taste some macaroons on the horizon – made with stevia of course 🙂 THEN, the day before that, Deb made chickpea hummus with red pepper, again in the Vitamix – oh yeah! It’s amazing what you can make in it. I swear, I’m so jazzed about that thing, I could be a spokesperson for them!

Growing up a sickly kid, I used to take antibiotics monthly for YEARS, until I had had enough in 2002. That is when my search for alternative medicine began. I have practiced Ayurveda and TCM medicine over the years. Both of these eastern healing modalities are very similar to each other. They have bridged the gap for me where western medicine could no longer help.  Both place an emphasis on food being medicine and both incorporate the mind-body-spirit connection.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, people are composed of three constitutions or dosha’s: Vata (think air, space, constantly moving), Pitta (think fire, aggressive, Type A) and Kapha (think earth, heavy, slow). Sometimes we have more than one dominant one, like in my case. I have a vata-pitta dosha and the changes in season can be especially hard for Vata predominant people.  I’m guessing with all the food indulgences this past winter, my body was telling me “hey, we don’t bounce back as easy as we used to, feed me more nutritious meals and cut out the cold foods/shakes and fro-yo”! So now I am on a vata pacifying diet eating warming, mildly spicy foods and taking herbs that will bring more balance into my system. Despite all my detoxifying symptoms, it feels good to finally have a bit more balance again.  For more information about Ayurveda, check out: Banyan Botanicals.


Feeling hot, hot, hot

180 degrees at 35% humidity. Bake for 40 minutes. Speeding up the detoxification process.


To speed things along I’ve also been taking sauna’s and meditating a bit more. Add some eucalyptus and tea tree oil to the vapors and that really opens things up and speeds the detoxification process along.

So that’s it in a nutshell. Just thought I would share this if anyone else is having similar health issues. There are some really great links to gluten-free, dairy alternatives, etc, in the comments section of the earlier blog, you might find them helpful.

If you’re reading this, hope I haven’t bored you too terribly, thanks for sticking with me.

Looking forward to creating again soon.


Have a great weekend and In-Joy,




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  1. lindaolsen

    Get well. I have found that I need to feel good to paint. Give yourself some time to rejuvenate yourself.

    1. Deb B

      Thank you Linda. Yes, I agree with you, am taking a much needed rest 🙂

  2. debiriley

    I liked your side trip on health/nutrition! if you did any more, I’d read them 🙂 esp. gluten free stuff

    1. Deb B

      Thanks Deb, glad you liked it. Are you gluten free or do you have issues? I shared because it’s all just part of life.

      1. debiriley

        I did. I’m very interested! as recently developed ‘gut and autoimmune’ issues, losing by accident…. 75lbs. so am now gf df and no ‘junk foods’ I make, what I eat. thanks, Deb!

        1. Deb B

          Oh Deb, that is a lot of weight to lose by accident, that must have been very scary! So glad you were able to figure out the cause. Luckily, I enjoy making my own foods and gardening, though it does take ‘extra’ time and is a big change in my daily routine. Blessings to you and your good health! YAY!!!

          1. debiriley

            yes, time and changes to the routine!! but better that…. than the other LOL

  3. Anonymous

    Continued healing to you Deb. It’ll get easier. Every day is one step closer. Take care and have a great weekend.

    1. Deb B

      Whomever you are, thank you, those intentions are greatly appreciated.

  4. karengadient

    Thanks for the update, Deb! Much luck and love on your journey.

    1. Deb B

      Thank you Karen. Birthday weekend for me, so I’m going to cheat a bit (sugar)

      1. karengadient

        Happy birthday!

        1. Deb B

          Thanks Karen – it was a fun one – i indulged a wee bit for dessert! Hah, I’m a taoist, it’s all about BALANCE! Thanks again!! 🙂

  5. RMQ

    Glad you’re on your way to feeling better, Deb. But every so often a forbidden treat is a great boost! So I hope you had great birthday!

    1. Deb B

      Hi Rennie, thank you so much!!!! It was a fun birthday and I even managed to splurge a bit! Woohoo!

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