I Can Do This!

I Can Do This!

Here’s another painting that is very similar in style to “Nothing’s Gonna Change My World

Except I chose another color palette/combination. I call this one  “I Can Do This!

I can do this blue abstract painting
I Can Do This Is an abstract with swirling colors and patterns of blues, teals and greens with a splash of red. Measures 16 x 20 x .75


I sometimes listen to music when I paint and other times where I just jump right in to the studio and forget to turn it on… Many times it’s the music that inspires the painting, or at least the painting’s name. Often times I have an idea in my head and just roll with it. I’m not really sure how this name came about, but I will say that I forgot all time, place, and space, when creating this. It’s almost as if I were in a trans.


I can do this! blue abstract painting
I Can Do This – close up



Abstract art is not for everyone

Part of the beauty of abstract painting is the organic nature of it. In this piece, my joy came from the sheer freedom of expressing myself. With a little luck this painting conveys the joy that was being expressed, lifting one’s mood or space. It is this dance between the art and the viewer where a spark of kindred emotion is realized. I can do this! is loaded with subliminal signs and marks…


I can do this paitning hanging in dining room
I Can Do This abstract painting hanging in dining room


Utmost respect

I have the utmost respect for artists who paint realism! I know the hours that are put into a piece and I appreciate fine art. There is a misconception that all abstract artists paint abstractly because they cannot paint realism. I disagree, along with a history of artists that disagree as well. In painting abstractly we oftentimes take a real scene or landscape and subtract elements from it. We see life’s ‘negative shapes’  Perhaps subtracting what we want from an abstract painting is a way of dealing with our own missing pieces of ourselves? Or maybe it is a need to deconstruct?


A dip into the realism pool…

Oftentimes I’ll see something so much differently than my partner, even though we are looking at the same thing. It’s all in the interpretation, isn’t it? How WE see the world… Thankfully, we are all different. I’ve often said if I want realism – I’ll take a photo.

Yet, even as a photographer, I like to punch my photos with saturation!

What, you’re surprised?!


Shoot 5 frames (bracketed) of a scene, on a tripod and then shoot / process in HDR.

Even my photography screams COLOR! But I digress…

Even with HDR I cannot always achieve the colors I want!

And that’s why I paint abstractly…

Well, THAT….  along with the overwhelming need to subtract the obvious while always looking for the obscure….




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  1. Yes you can do this, and you did! Congrats Deb, this is a beauty…

    1. Thank you John!

  2. Deb I love the colors in this on and the little bit of red!

    1. Hi Eileen, thanks, it’s kind of a new color palette for me. As for the red, it needed some ‘punch’ 🙂 I ws hoping it wasn’t “too much”

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