John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy Painting


This John F Kennedy painting was a commissioned piece. The client had seen my Jaqueline Bouvier Kennedy painting and wanted one of JFK with a muted red, white and blue flag in the background. This was given as a gift. One can hardly think of many other gifts, that are as thoughtful as a custom painting! I was so happy to be a part of this.


making of john f kennedy painting
Getting the background blocked in



airbrushing white highlights into flaf
Airbrushing highlights into the flag blowing in the wind



John F Kennedy painting is starting to come together
John F Kennedy is starting to come together. The theme of the painting is carried onto the edges, so no framing is necessary


painting almost done
Almost done, still needs red stars in his tie and a few other tweaks


Finally, the finished painting of John F Kennedy
john f kennedy commissioned painting
John F Kennedy 24″ x 18″ on Deep Gallery Wrapped Canvas by Deb Breton.



Prints available here


Though this was painted months ago, it was just gifted to the special person yesterday. So NOW I’m able to publish this.

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  1. Anonymous

    Unbelievable Painting. I stop dead in my tracks in Awww every time I pass it. I’m honored to have a Custom Piece painted by you. Thank You

    • Deb B

      Using the Virtue theme with woocommerce, that’s why the products are organized the way they are. You can opt to have Infinite scroll with this them as well. Its well maintained and works seamlessly with woocommerce. Wordfence is also running for the protection of my clients. Inese, I hope you feel better soon, like I mentioned, will be sending you healing, positive thoughts on the 22nd! Hang in there – keep positive (as hard as that is sometimes – its crucial)

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