Making of IN FLIGHT

Large Abstract Painting

IN FLIGHT abstract painting in home environment (in situ)

This year is definitely starting off with good energy

Here’s my first painting of 2019! I’m “over the moon” happy with it, which is a rarity. Not sure why that is really… Maybe because I’m always wanting to make the next painting better? Not sure – but this one came together so quickly and organically, like it came “through me”. What’s even more strange, is that I didn’t use my normal, vivid, “tickle your retina” colors. Hmm… what’s up with that? Who knows? Maybe it’s my spiritual practice taking flight?

Working in stages. Putting the painting up – moving it around – hanging it all over to see how the different lighting affects the piece. Always adding and subtracting to get to the final outcome.

See more close up and detailed images of this painting here!

Hope life is treating you well and as usual, am sending out big love to everyone of you. Make today your best day ever!

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  1. Chandra Lynn

    Woooowwwww! If only I could…And the packing tape is uber cute!

    1. Deb

      Hey I appreciate that Chandra – thank you. As for the tape – I needed more fragile stickers anyway – why not free advertising?

      1. Chandra Lynn

        Why not? Especially when it’s cute advertising! 🙂

  2. graham mcquade

    Yes, I can see it, Deb; the clouds breaking as you come into land and the ground appearing below. There is soft focus on the outsides drawing you to the defined centre – nice touch. Not sure where you are landing though? Is it Mars?

    1. Deb

      Hi Graham, I guess it could be Mars – It can be where ever your heart takes you. I like the Mars inference though!

  3. Otto von Münchow

    No wonder you were “over the moon” happy back. Indeed what a splendid start of the year. And only for more to come. 🙂

    1. Deb

      Yes Otto, it’s been a good but strange year indeed. It’s amazing what political turmoil will do to one’s psyche… I JUST KEEP CREATING!!!!!

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