Making of Xena Warrior Princess Painting


Behind the scenes look at the making of Xena Warrior Princess painting


painting xena warrior princess in the beginning
After lightly sketching in Xena, the purple background color is applied using a palette knife


The start of Making Xena Warrior Princess Painting

First thing after sketching in the basics of Lucy Lawless in her Xena warrior princess outfit, I concentrate on the eyes. The eyes are so important, so make sure they are right before getting to the rest of the painting. Once the shape of Xena’s face and eyes are where I want them, then I begin painting the background. In this case, I’m using Prism Violet, Brilliant Purple and white to make different tones, then applied these colors with a palette knife. I wanted a rough, abstract background to sort of represent the rough setting of the early Roman Days.


Xena Warrior princess outfit black paint in details
Next, some gray shading & more details are added in with black paint


Its pretty slow and tedious now to capture all the nuances of her metal clad leather outfit. You can see I have a photo laying on the easel that I use as my guide.


making Xena warrior princess painting on the easel
With most of the shading and black paint now blocked in, ti’s time to paint the Chakram.


Everything is coming together nicely and now it’s time to work on Xena’s Chakram


xena warrior princess painting by Deb Breton
Close-up of gold and silver chakram with the stones in place, it shimmers.


I shaded everything with a mid-tone gray and didn’t use any metallic colors EXCEPT for the Chakram, where there is Iridescent Silver and Gold paints. It shimmers as the light catches it. Added some multi-faceted bauble stones that catch the light too.


xena warrior princess painting by Deb Breton
Painted details of Xena’s black leather outfit, wrist cuffs and arm bands




xena warrior princess painting by Deb Breton
Mixed media on stretched gallery wrap canvas by Deb Breton. Measures 28 x 22 55.88 cm) with deep 1.5″ sides painted with the purple theme wrapping around. One of my favorite lines from Lucy Lawless “I HAVE MANY SKILLS” painted in white across the top of the painting.


You can get the original painting here!


Quick video that shows the details in this painting of Xena Warrior Princess:

[kad_youtube url=”” ]


Thanks for having a look,

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  1. Debbie

    You have outdone yourself on Xena – Love the Chakram – shiny round killing thingy!

    1. Deb B

      Her trusty shamrock 🙂

  2. clinock

    Fabulous work Deb, and it’s very interesting to follow your creative process, thank you.

    1. Deb B

      I’m glad to hear that you like this John, thanks. If the preocess helps someone, that is a good thing…

  3. Otto von Münchow

    Fun to follow the development of the work. The final result is outstanding.

    1. Deb B

      Thank you Otto, especially coming from you with a sophisticated photographic background – that means a lot!

  4. Chandra Lynn

    This is perfect!

    1. Deb B

      Thank you Chandra, we all need to reconnect with our inner warrior, whether spiritual, or just in today’s misogynistic climate!

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