The ARTS, sales and celebrating the artist

Anyone else notice more sales happening?

It’s been a good week for my print sales. Has anyone noticed an uptick of their sales lately? Could it be because the economy is thriving, or is it because people are overwhelmed with what’s going on in the world and they turn to some art to brighten their day? I like to think it is the latter, or maybe both?

Sold prints
art sales contemporary painting redwoods in the sierra's
High Sierra. Acrylic Painting by Deb Breton on 10 x 8 x .75 stretched canvas.



more sales of this brightly colored birds on a wire painting with one hanging upside down
SHOW OFF! Watercolor 9 x 12 by Deb Breton


These are trying times,

but isn’t that when most of us are at our best? The arts always seem to bring people together to unite us in a common cause or goal. Many indigenous people use music and dance to connect with each other and to ‘source’. In our modern society, musicians are storytellers who come together to raise our awareness through the celebration of music. Can you imagine what life would be like if there were no music, no paintings, no dancing or no acting? It would be so drab, with no celebration of the creative spark in the human spirit.


When life gets rough, the ARTS are always there for us, they “have our backs”


Why are the arts always the first to be stripped from the school budget? Where would we be as a society without the arts? The arts are always marginalized. Why is that?  It’s as if some people don’t realize that art drives us as a species. Just as it always has from the time of cave dwellers who inscribed on walls, to modern-day poets, actors and painters.


So today, if you’re in the arts, I celebrate you!!!! I know my day is made brighter because you are in it!!!!  Thank you!!!!


Have a great day! Paint on!

Love like there’s no tomorrow,

deb sigline

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  1. Just love this painting, Deb. My eye is bouncing all around and really enjoying itself. 🙂 And I agree with you so much; what would life be like without any of the arts? People would be reaching for sharp implements, that’s what!

    1. Hah, sharp implements. You’re too funny Laura

      1. Maybe it’s just me? lol

  2. You are right Deb. Art is a wonderful distraction from this craziness in the worl & the economy is jumping. Love the writing, & your paintings are incredibly beautiful! I may have to commission you to do a rendition of Buttercup one day when you get a lull period…if ever you get one of those.

    1. Aww Karen, you’re too kind! Buttercup is a cutie, that’s for sure ~ have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Congratulations on your increased sales. Your High Sierra painting is gorgeous…love the vibrancy and texture, it is a beauty.

    1. Thank you Haunani, you are such a gifted artist – so this makes my day!

  4. Great colors and theme! I suppose the looong recession is over. Yes, art was the go. When they start buying it again, you know out nation is doing better. Many blessings to you that your business will thive!

    1. The economy is certainly looking up these days, so that helps! Thank you for the kind words and for stopping by!

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