New Abstract Painting

On the Precipice

New abstract painting


On the Precipice captures a surreal landscape painting that was dreamed up in my head after a yoga session. There are a lot of colors and transparent layers in this piece. I used acrylics, ink, airbrush and oil stick. Plus there are many, many layers of acrylic glazes, probably 10 layers in some places.

large abstract surreal painting original
On The Precipice – Mixed Media on stretched 24 x 30 canvas with deep 1.5″ sides painted white. Surreal Abstract Landscape by Deb Breton. Pastel colors and bold drips with whispy clouds.


Before beginning the painting, I toned the background with iridescent gold, which FAINTLY shows through in some areas. Mostly the gold beneath refracts the light, giving it its depth. The gallery wrapped canvas measures 24 x 30 or approximately 61 x 76cm. The sides of the deep canvas are 1.5″ and painted white. I just love these juicy colors and the ethereal feel to the piece.


detailed of close up section of painting
On The Precipice mixed media surreal painting-detail


And finally as with the majority of my work it is finished with professional non-yellowing varnish. Helping to protect it from harmful UV rays and dust. Available here!

After a few stops and starts here in the studio, am finally being more prolific again.

Thank you for stopping by – Hope you are doing good and in good spirits!


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  1. A slight change of direction Deb? I like the use of line in this piece and those tree like structures on the bottom right are intriguing.

    1. Thanks Graham, your input means a lot to me, cheers!

  2. Another lovely painting. The technique emphasizes the two “monoliths” meeting. I am particularly fascinated by the two “trees” in the lower right part of the painting.

    1. I’m glad to hear that, thank you Otto.

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