New Art Presentation Case

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Check out this new presentation case from Dick Blick


briefcase portfolio
I love that it zips up and has a carry handle.



presentation case with polypropylene sheets loaded in it, open display

Comes with clear polypropylene sheets that include black, acid-free paper inserts



elastic band holds sleeves in place
Once your artwork is loaded into the sleeves, the elastic band stretches over the sleeves to hold artwork securely in place.


I have been looking for a bigger presentation case to carry and store my larger ‘flat’ pieces. I needed something archival and was concerned about stray UV light getting in and compromising things, especially the watercolor paintings. Though I had seen the presentation BOOKS at Amazon, I really wanted something that could be zipped up AND have sleeves, like my smaller briefcase size. A large loose portfolio case is nice too, but things don’t always lay flat and your artwork can get jostled about.

Enter this handy presentation case from Dick Blick. Keeps things neatly organized and in its place. This particular case is perfect for what I currently need. It’s also a really good deal, if anyone is interested, which is why I thought I would write a quick post about it! This is the 14×17 size case and it can hold a 1/4 standard (imperial) size watercolor sheet! Bonus! It comes with 5 inserts (smaller cases come with 10), so be sure to order more sets of inserts. I love the elastic band that stretches over all the sleeves to hold things in place, on the other side is a pocket to hold more things like brochures, etc.

To top it all off, just zip it up and grab it by the padded handle and you’re good to go!

One day I’ll be able to afford flat files, but for right now, this does the trick.

Oh, and I’m in no way affiliated with Dick Blick, just thought I would pass on some information in case anyone is looking for something like this. The quality is better than I expected, better than the few I saw at my local art store too (sadly).


Cheers, hope you have a great weekend!




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  1. maryellenwall

    I’m a big fan of Dick Blick, I get all my supplies from there. They’re very clear with their descriptions and have good prices on good quality materials. I like the sales too 🙂

  2. karengadient

    We built some flat storage from IKEA ‘Pax’ wardrobes and their tray inserts (originally for accessories or jewelry, I think). Not archival on its own, but it helps keep me organized and offers an excellent place to dry work in progress.

    • Deb B

      I checked out some of the options for the PAX wardrobes – hoping it might work for me too 🙁 I don’t have that kind of all wall space. What an inventive idea though-seems like a good setup Karen! NICE!

  3. luke610

    Thanks for commenting on my blog and for this post, this is great value for money!

    • Deb B

      Exactly, I thought so too, which is why i ‘had’to say something about it. I’m glad to have found your blog, really love that abstract pebble piece!

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