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Welcome to the new theme here on the website

Originally I was going to hire a web developer to add the new theme. After spending a week interviewing people to do the new redesign, I was surprised at how slow their “demo” websites were. And though I’m not a developer, I do try to keep my site fast and functional.  After all that, there were only 2 people whom I “trusted” and they wanted more money than I could allot. Granted, they deserved every bit of it, because it has been a lot of work. So I did it myself, thank goodness for YouTube and forums!

So MUCH customization available

Elementor and OceanWP

The new theme is called OceanWP and I love it! Loved it so much, purchased the lifetime license. It is so much easier to use and style the way I want. It was as if I were stuck in the dark ages with my other theme. Coupled with Elementor Pro this seems to work seamlessly with it. Together, there doesn’t seem to be anything this theme can’t do. LOVE it. No more fiddling with shortcodes and [space_20] to make things look right. However, it does have a shortcodes section, so you could customize it even further if you wanted to.



So why am I telling you this?

I know you come here to read about art. But if you ever wanted to switch themes and you’re not technically inclined (which many of us are not), then you might want to consider getting this.  Implementing woocommerce with this was really a snap to get it all together. I’ve even added an attributes filter to the shop section that should help people  find the orientation and styles of paintings that much easier. The only issue is some outdated links and 404 errors, which are being redirected as they pop-up.


Back to our regularly scheduled program

Well, I hope this helps someone who may be on the fence about opening a self hosted WordPress site. Or helps you if you’re considering switching up your theme.  Either way, lot’s more things happening here that ARE art related and will be happy to share them with you in my next post. Till then – keep smiling and keep positive-especially in these trying times. Focus on the goodness, it IS all around us, it just hasn’t gotten as much attention! Remember… that what you put your focus on magnifies. Keep it positive!


Lot’s of love and a hug❤,

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  1. It looks great and also works way better than the theme you had before. It is simply a lot of work to change theme, a lot, to update everything again, I sometimes want to do that, but then I remember all the adjustments and everything else, and I leave it as is. I believe my website loads quite fast, too. This one of your was really fast.

    1. Oh good, thanks for the feedback Inese. I’m glad it will be easier and faster to navigate, life’s too short to have a slow site!!! I’m really impressed with this theme.

  2. Well done, Deb – your site looks very nice!

    1. Thanks Phil, I appreciate that!

    1. Thanks Chandra, it was much needed!

  3. So happy to hear that the new theme is working out for you, Deb! The website looks great so you must have been a star pupil of those Youtube videos. You’ve given me a confidence boost to tackle a few not-website related technical projects I was shying away from, so thank you.

    1. You are so sweet, thanks. You can do anything you set your mind to do!!! Wishing you every success Atreyee

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