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Beneath The Surface Abstract Painting


abstract painting and video
Newest painting abstract mixed media by Deb Breton. Beaneath the Surface Measures 24 x 30 x .75 Sides are painted.
I’m leaning towards calling it Tsunami – but what do you think? When you see this, what comes to mind?

In the video I explain that my partner thinks I paint abstracts because I’m kind of anal in my everyday life. Not so anal that I count stairs or steps or anything, I just like to have some semblance of order… Painting is definitely my outlet to let go, make a mess and have fun. I guess that anal bent of being reared as a military brat is just something that is ingrained in me. Anyway if you a great name for this piece I’d love to hear it!


UPDATE: The name of this one is Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface Painting Available Here





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  1. Tsunami works 🙂 It also makes me think of something powerful brewing beneath to water, moments before it breaches the surface

    1. YES! I’ve been hearing that a lot from other people too Joe, you’re right! Maybe something like ‘Breaking the Surface’?

  2. Tsunami is a good title and goes with your other titles. I like it and it is descriptive.

    1. Hi Elise! I appreciate you stopping by and hearing your thoughts. I need to meditate on the title for this one! ☺

  3. Well done Deb!

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