Newest painting video for April

Beneath The Surface Abstract Painting


abstract painting and video
Newest painting abstract mixed media by Deb Breton. Beaneath the Surface Measures 24 x 30 x .75 Sides are painted.
I’m leaning towards calling it Tsunami – but what do you think? When you see this, what comes to mind?

In the video I explain that my partner thinks I paint abstracts because I’m kind of anal in my everyday life. Not so anal that I count stairs or steps or anything, I just like to have some semblance of order… Painting is definitely my outlet to let go, make a mess and have fun. I guess that anal bent of being reared as a military brat is just something that is ingrained in me. Anyway if you a great name for this piece I’d love to hear it!


UPDATE: The name of this one is Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface Painting Available Here


Here’s the newest painting video for April:



Things I’ve learned about making videos:

#1 YouTube has a lot of helpful info about creating videos and video ‘intro’s  – and a good many are taught by kids (think minecraft)!

#2 You’ll need a video camera because digital cameras with video capabilities only record for about 20 minutes or so (which I found out on my first video)

#3 Music is copyrighted – even when it’s composed my someone who has been dead over 200 years (like Mozart)! So, when you try to sharing a video to Facebook, they will likely reject it, if it’s not music you’ve made or have the rights to!

#4 In Situ images are copyrighted too. So if you are using them in your video’s, make sure that you’ve purchased the rights to use them.

#5 If your video camera is a GoPro or an ActionCam the 170 degree FOV will create a distortion (fisheye) which makes the horizon line arc (you need a filter to remove that (ProDAD) or software that will straighten out the horizon line.

#6 If you’re just filming around the studio and about town, then ditch the GoPro and get a Sony Handycam (just got the CX440). There’s also a Logitec c920 that people like a lot too, but I plan on painting outside plein air – so I’ll be bringing this little handycam along and can control it remotely with my phone or tablet.

#6 In spite of all this work, I’m learning a lot and hoping like hell that cramming new info into my head like this will stave off Alzheimer’s.


Well that’s it for now, be sure to tell me your thoughts on this – especially if you have a name for it, I’m all ears.


Have a terrific day!!
Peace, paint on!




6 Responses

  1. Joe Yang

    Tsunami works 🙂 It also makes me think of something powerful brewing beneath to water, moments before it breaches the surface

    • Deb B

      YES! I’ve been hearing that a lot from other people too Joe, you’re right! Maybe something like ‘Breaking the Surface’?

  2. Elise

    Tsunami is a good title and goes with your other titles. I like it and it is descriptive.

    • Deb B

      Hi Elise! I appreciate you stopping by and hearing your thoughts. I need to meditate on the title for this one! ☺

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