Painting of Martin Luther King Jr.


Painting of Martin Luther King Jr.

“Our lives begin to end the day that we become silent” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Never forget the man or his message of equality

remembering martin luther king jr., painting by deb breton
Martin Luther King Jr., in home interior


Pop Art / Urban Painting: Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas.


This one is a bit of a departure for me…

I enjoy pushing myself trying to find the sweet spot of color and art combined to make something cohesive…

After drawing out the basic shape of his head, I used spray paint and different patterns in different colors.


MEDIUM: Mixed Media includes acrylic paint, pigment stick and paint pen.

COLORS: black, orange, yellow, pink, purple

SIZE: Measures 24 x 18 x 1.5″ (61x 46 cm) on stretched canvas SIDES:White

Spray paint and Airbrush

Montana Gold’s are my spray paints of choice when working on a bit larger pieces. For small work I mix my own colors. I’ve pretty much perfected the mix of paint, retarder and airbrush medium for shooting airbrush  paints here in the semi-arid climate of Northern California. The Montana Gold’s have to be shot outside since there’s no exhaust in my home studio. Even when airbrushing though, you do have to use an exhaust system. One day I will have an outside studio so I don’t have to worry about fumes, over-spray, and paint mess everywhere.


templates and Montana gold paint
templates and Montana gold paint

After I spray the patterns, next I trace over my original sketch with a lightfast carbon black acrylic marker. I recently picked up the large Liquitex Paint Marker, It’s 15mm and covers a lot of area. I much prefer the Uni Posca pens though, their intensity and pigmentation is superior, I think.

remembering martin luther king jr., painting by deb breton
Close up detail



remembering martin luther king jr., painting by deb breton
Close up detail


While great attention to detail is placed on MLK jr.s face, the painting gets looser and more abstract as we get down to his suit. The hope was to force our eyes to focus on the man and his message.

Did you know that every one of my portrait painting’s (not commissioned paintings) so far, has a heart hidden in them? It’s true, in some cases there are several hearts in each of them!!! Just sayin’ 😊


Painting of Martin Luther King Jr., is available here

Sending you love, because MLK Jr. would have wanted us to love and share with each other just a bit more!

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    1. Thank you Inese, I really enjoy trying to capture a person’s essence, to make a connection with them. Painting large is so much easier, a little scary at first, but lots of room to be expressive and loose. How are you redirecting yourself, which way are you headed with your art? Change is sometimes good 🙂

  1. Wow! Finally, a moment to read this post. This is amazing. I love this! The expression on his face says it all!

    1. Kind of a new departure for me – thanks Chandra, I’m glad you like it!

  2. Thank you for sharing your process Deb. I really enjoy and am fascinated by the ways other artists work. I love the mixed media layering in this.

    1. Yes, it is fun to look behind the scenes at others’ work flow, isn’t it? Wish there was more time to capture on video some of the other stuff, the process is fascinating either way! I’m starting to build a page of videos with that intent. Lets see how far it gets!

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