Large Sized Paintings
Gallery of large paintings measuring 24″ inches and up.

All paintings are signed and include a certificate of authenticity and a provenance document with all the painting’s details.

Prices for all original paintings include insured shipping with tracking in the U.S. International art collectors you’ll get a discounted shipping rate. If you don’t see your country listed when checking out, please contact me.

    • Why Are We Here?
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      • Why Are We Here?

      • $2,370
      • Original Neo Expressionism painting on canvas Lots of writing and thoughts captured in this one. Asking, why are we here? Measures 30" x 48" x 1.5" sides painted black. Finished with a gloss varnish Topics include: humanity, evolution, Pangaea, space, mysticism, Orion's belt, poetic, pyramids, Phoenician, Greek, letters, numbers, cave drawings, graffiti, evolution, revolution. Ready to hang Signed Left and…