• Frequency Quick View
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      Frequency Quick View
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    • Frequency

    • $780.00
    • What's the FREQUENCY? Exploring pyramids, Fibonacci numbers, our connection with earth and sky and other realms of creation. This mixed media painting uses an acrylic ground, charcoal pencil, china marker or grease pencil, oil pigment sticks and oil pastels. Many layers of symbolism and words all woven together. Measures 18" x 36" x 1.5" on stretched canvas. Signed front right…
  • Peaceful Pond Quick View
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      Peaceful Pond Quick View
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    • Peaceful Pond

    • $325.00
    • Monet inspired lily pond Painting: Oil, Acrylic, oil pastel on canvas. Peaceful Pond - everyone could use a little more nature in their life these days. Seems nature has a way of grounding us. The lotus blooms add a touch of color and add focal point to this predominantly green and blue painting with faint drips from the acrylic under-painting.…
  • Feeling Festive Quick View
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      Feeling Festive Quick View
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    • Feeling Festive

    • $360.00
    • Another in the Effervescence Series, in this one I feel like we're finally turning the corner in 2020. There is hope and light at the end of the tunnel! The others in the series have more distress in them and it's by design to give us a feel of what we've been through. In the previous paintings we can see…
  • Effervescence Series –  Piece of Peace Quick View
  • Effervescence – This Moment Quick View
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      Effervescence – This Moment Quick View
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    • Effervescence – This Moment

    • Original Art - Abstract Painting - Mark Making Part of the Effervescence Series, this one contains a quote by Rumi. "This moment this love comes to rest in me, may beings in one being. "Those of us doing soul work, or inner work seem to know each other right way... Distressed painting with somewhat muted colors and white bubbles or…
  • Effervescence Quick View
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      Effervescence Quick View
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    • Effervescence

    • $540.00
    • Original Art   Abstract Painting   Mark Making Featured on Saaatchi Art in a collection. Distressed painting with somewhat muted colors and white bubbles or droplets. Colors: green, orange, yellow, blue, red and black Measures 30 x 30" x 1.5" acrylic, ink and texture on stretched canvas. Sides neat painted white, so it could be hung without a frame. Hardware attached and…
  • Outlier Quick View
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      Outlier Quick View
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    • Outlier

    • Expressionism Painting Large 30 x 48" Abstract Expressionist Painting on stretched gallery wrapped canvas. Mixed media includes charcoal, marker, pastel, acrylic and oil paint. Sides painted black. Signed front right and en verso. Finished with a satin, low sheen UV spray varnish. Ready to hang and accompanied by signed certificate of authenticity.
  • Egyptian Queen’s Dream – Nefertiti Portrait Quick View
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      Egyptian Queen’s Dream – Nefertiti Portrait Quick View
    • Egyptian Queen’s Dream – Nefertiti Portrait

    • Nefertiti Portrait Painting Ancient Egyptian culture and symbolism have always fascinated me. There is texture throughout the piece with many layers of color. Measures 24" x 18" x .75" sides are painted black. Colors of her headdress have bronze and gold in them - not really visible in the photos, but you see the iridescence at certain angles. Finished with…
  • The Queens VR Dream Quick View
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      The Queens VR Dream Quick View
    • The Queens VR Dream

    • Colorful painting of Queen Elizabeth II with VR Glasses Exploring the virtual reality theme a bit further with this one. While the USA has its share of issues with the dichotomy of half the country wanting one thing and the other half, another.  Imagine how the Queen must feel about the United Kingdom and Brexit... She's seen so much in…
  • Date Night Painting Quick View
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      Date Night Painting Quick View
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    • Date Night Painting

    • $1,745.00
    •   Spilled wine, a domino, deck of tarot cards and bra in the corner. One can only imagine what's going on here, the cat is surely wondering... Painting: Oil, oil pastel on Stretched Canvas. Textured ground, oil painting and oil pastels Measures 36 x 36 x 1.5" (91 x 91cm) sides painted black Signed on her "sleeve" and en verso…
  • Peace Within -Spiritual Art Quick View
  • Dimming of the Day Quick View
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      Dimming of the Day Quick View
    • Dimming of the Day

    • Landscape impressionism West Coast Living The coastal mist is rolling in against a backdrop of large redwood trees, it captures the mood of our Mediterranean climate here in Sonoma County, California. Perfect weather for growing grape varietals, most notably red for Merlot and Pinot Noir. This mixed media landscape painting has orange, pinks with a hint of purple & teal…
  • Michelle Obama Portrait Quick View
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      Michelle Obama Portrait Quick View
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    • Michelle Obama Portrait

    • $625.00
    • Flotus 44 Portrait Colorful Impressionism Painting Another in my series of STRONG WOMEN who inspire us in so many ways. She's a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School. In spite of racial and gender bias, she excelled in her endeavors - they fueled her! I could go on and on about her accomplishments. Her book BECOMING is a…
  • Femme Exotica – Portrait Painting Quick View
    • Painting SOLD
      Femme Exotica – Portrait Painting Quick View
    • Femme Exotica – Portrait Painting

    • Femme Exotica Colorful and vibrant portrait painting Expressionism Measures 20 x 20" (51 x 51cm) with .75" sides painted white. Original art - acrylic portrait painting by United States artist Deb Breton The left side of her face (your left) has lightly dyed fiber paper. Wired and ready to hang. Accompanied by my Certificate of Authenticity Does not come framed,…
  • It’s Time Quick View
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      It’s Time Quick View
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    • It’s Time

    • $1,080.00
    • Neo- expressionism Acrylic and graphite on 30 x 30" x .75" (76 x76cm) stretched canvas. Signed front left and en verso. Sides painted white and ready to hang. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity THIS DOES NOT COME WITH A FRAME - living area photo is only to show how it might look in a black float frame. Making of video…
  • Social Chaos – Graffiti Quick View
  • Stella – Colorful Dog Portrait Quick View
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      Stella – Colorful Dog Portrait Quick View
    • Stella – Colorful Dog Portrait

    • Custom Art Painting Another custom painting for a repeat collector, her first painting was a custom 36" x 36"  Sun and Moon Painting  with hidden keys. "Stella" is a sweet dog who lends a helping paw as a support therapy pup. This painting measures 30" x 40" x 1.5" and is her second custom painting that brightens her Counseling Offices…
  • My Soul’s Joy Quick View
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      My Soul’s Joy Quick View
    • My Soul’s Joy

    • Custom Commissioned Painting - Large Diptych - Impressionist Landscape This painting was commissioned from an art collector who had several things she wanted to incorporate into this painting that bring her joy. She was specific about the colors of blue, green and the black-eyed susan's, dragonfly's and Maryland blue crab. The idea for this painting came to me in a…