Butterflies – Fun Wine Painting

Whimsical Butterfly and Wine painting

SIZE: acrylic painting on 14 x 18 on stretched canvas. The painting is continued on to the 3/4″ sides, so no frame is needed.

MAIN COLORS: Blue & Tan  Ready to Hang: Wired and ready to hang.

ACCOMPANIED BY: Signed Certificate of Authenticity included

SIGNED: Artist signature on the front and en verso

No butterfly (or bee) can resist!

Be sure to read the label: “Please don’t drink and fly” and “May impair your ability to migrate and operate heavy machinery”. Lepidoptera Wine, with grapes from Nectar Vineyards, it’s the bee’s knees.



Happy Hour Butterfly Puddling

Whimsical Butterfly and Wine Painting

It’s Happy Hour for this butterfly puddling on spilled red wine. No wonder 9 out of 10 butterflies prefer organic and sustainably grown grapes from Nectar Vineyards for happy hour. Lepidoptera wine, from Nectar Vineyards, it’s the bee’s knees! Half of this was painted with a palette knife for texture, the other half is brush work. Don’t cry over spilled wine… I hear butterflies love it!