Peacock Watercolor Painting


Peacock watercolor painting


The idea for today’s peacock watercolor painting came to me while reminiscing about an almost magical place called “City of 10,000 Buddhas”. As I mentioned in my previous post, meditation has become part of my daily practice these days. One of the more tranquil times I’ve had since moving to the west coast was a visit to the  City of Ten Thousand Buddhas – a  Buddhist Community and Monastery in Ukiah, CA. The drive is there is just over an hour away, past bucolic farm scenes and vineyards, including the Francis Ford Coppola Winery.


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Entrance City of 10,000 Buddhas
Entrance City of 10,000 Buddhas


street sign at city of ten thousand buddhas
Here at the corner of Honesty and Joyous Way!







It’s a pretty amazing place and there are peacocks all over the place, they’re pretty tame too, so I took over 100 photos and some video while I was there.


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Did you know they call a group of peacocks a MUSTER?

I didn’t know that!

We have a peacock that lives here on the golf course, the sound you hear at the end of the video is a sound we hear in the spring when our resident male peacock is calling for a mate.


Peacock watercolor painting
Peacock watercolor painting – Deb Breton


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  1. Deb, your art is unique and so beautiful! I love your watercolor peacock!

    1. Hi Mihaela! It’s great to see you again, I have missed you and your YOUR BEAUTIFUL WORK! Thanks for stopping by the new blog~

      1. Thank you, Deb, for your wonderful words – they went straight to my heart! I congratulate you for the new blog (which is very beautiful) and I am sending you my best wishes!

  2. Very cool watercolor Peacock, Deb

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