Petaluma Open Studios

Many thanks to those of you who came out for the Petaluma Open Studios!

The weather was gorgeous and we had a blast!


It was great to meet new folks! And to see some familiar friendly faces, friends and clients too!



Petaluma Open Studio 2017
Petaluma Open Studio 2017



petaluma open studio visitors
Visitors to our open studio



Visitors to the petaluma open studio
Visitors to the open studio






Petaluma Open Studio 2017



Petaluma Open Studio 2017
Deb Woods and I. Thanks for all your help Deb!



Petaluma Open Studio 2017
Maria Lewis was kind enough to share her studio space!


Having a little fun painting


Maria Lewis and I painted a collaborative piece in-between studio visitors!


Petaluma Open Studio 2017
Hah, collaboration. It got so windy that it blew over our easel and paints and ripped the canvas~


Maria Lewis paints realism, while I paint abstractly. In the painting above our 2 styles meet (or collide – depending on how you look at it). We were stopped short by the wind which toppled everything and ripped the canvas. It may have stopped the painting, but did not stop the fun.

I want to thank Maria Lewis for being such a great host and sharing her studio space with me!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your art in my studio. We certainly had a great time and met quite a few very nice people.

    1. Indeed Maria, that was fun. Exhausting, but fun!

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